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Landlord Duties - Mould



Nearly 25% of properties have problems with mould. Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in damp areas which means it can thrive in properties where condensation problems are prevalent. Mould can cause all kinds of problems for a tenant. Not only does it look and smell horrible, and can damage items it comes into contact with –such as clothes, shoes and furniture – it can also cause health problems. If the mould is inhaled it can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, chest infections and allergies.


Landlords have a responsibility to maintain the structure and exterior of the property and must ensure that the property is fit for purpose, posing no risks to the tenant’s health and safety. Although mould is harmful it is not considered dangerous enough to be a threat to health and safety. However, depending on what caused the mould to occur the landlord may be responsible and you may be entitled to compensation.


Landlords are responsible for mould when;


The property is not watertight, which could be due o;


  • Blocked, broken or rusty gutters
  • Cracks in walls or windows
  • Holes in the roof
  • Roof tiles broken or displaced
  • Unsealed doors or windows


The plumbing is causing problems, such as;


  • Drains leak water
  • Fittings are loose
  • Pipes leak water
  • Seals or gaskets need replacing
  • Valves don’t close properly


If you think your landlord has not done enough to deal with the mould then you might be able to claim compensation.


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If your landlord has been neglecting his responsibilities and your property has fallen into disrepair you may be able to make a claim. At Duncan Lewis, our Housing Disrepair Solicitors have all the essential skills required to help you deal with disrepair problems including asbestos, damp, infestation, mould, and water damage.


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