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Adjudications under the Tarrant Rules

Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – Adjudications before the Governor under the Tarrant rules



Adjudications before the Governor usually involve disciplinary matters relating to disobeying orders.


Prisoners facing adjudications before the Governor are not automatically entitled to legal representation by a prison law solicitor and access to Legal Aid, unless the case fulfils criteria known as the Tarrant Rules. If so, a prisoner can request legal advice from a firm of Legal Aid prison law solicitors.


The Tarrant rules take into account:


  • The seriousness of any charge against a prisoner
  • The consideration for fairness
  • Whether a prisoner is able to represent themselves adequately
  • Any points of law that might arise, requiring expert legal advice
  • Procedural difficulties that might arise
  • Possible penalties if a prisoner is found guilty
  • Factors involved in hearing the charge within a reasonable time
  • Other matters which a prisoner might bring to the attention of the adjudicator.


There is also the issue of how impartial a hearing with the Governor can be, given any likely prior knowledge of the prisoner.


Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors can advise as soon as notice of adjudication before the Governor is given.


Prisoners can send their charge sheets to our expert prison law department – and once this has been done an offender can advise the Governor they wish to take legal advice and request a 14-day adjournment.


Duncan Lewis has a successful track record in advising prisoners facing adjudication before the Governor, as well as advising on the Tarrant rules and eligibility for Legal Aid.


Our prison law team will provide expert legal advice on the charges, including advising on plea, possible penalties, representation at the adjudication and appealing any punishment resulting from adjudication.


Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – When to contact us

Call Duncan Lewis as soon as possible for legal advice on any allegation leading to a disciplinary hearing in a prison – or adjudication before the Governor.


Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors can also advise on appeals against punishments resulting from adjudication, which have to be sent to the Briefing and Casework Unit within six weeks of the hearing, using form DIS8.


Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – How to contact us

There are Duncan Lewis offices nationwide and our prison law solicitors regularly visit prisons, courts and adjudications to advise on prison law.


For expert legal advice on adjudication before the Governor involving the Tarrant rules, call Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors on 020 7923 4020.


For urgent help with prison law or 24/7 help at a police station, call the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline on 020 7275 2036.


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