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Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
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Harsh Reality of Legal Aid Cuts: Rape victim forced to represent herself in court (18 June 2018)

In this recent case, care proceedings had been brought to decide whether the father should have contact with his daughter after the mother had accused him of sexual assault.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

10 year breast cancer screening error set to cost millions (15 June 2018)

For a 10 year period, more than 450,000 women failed to receive their final screening invitation, which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt states could have resulted in 270 deaths.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Home Secretary Orders a review of paragraph 322(5) refusals for Migrant Workers (13 June 2018)

Today, 13 June 2018, the House of Commons is set to debate the recent controversy over paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules. The controversy has seen applications for leave to remain by highly skilled/Tier 1 migrants being refused for minor and non-criminal tax discrepancies.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Student avoided prison after being accused of stabbing boyfriend challenges her sentence (13 June 2018)

A medical student at Oxford University, who was not jailed after stabbing her boyfriend, will challenge her suspended sentence.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Police Facial Recognition Technology Risks Mistaken Identity (12 June 2018)

In a recent review by The Independent, 98% of people identified through facial recognition software trialled by the Met Police proved not to be the person they were looking for. This poses a real risk of injustice, with people charged with crimes they did not commit.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Drink drivers face swifter justice with new roadside breathalysers (12 June 2018)

Drink drivers are to be “brought to justice quicker” thanks to new roadside breathalyser technology that will allow police to gather on-the-spot proof. The instant test means the driver will now not need to be taken back to a police station to obtain evidence as is currently the case.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Police called to 430 moped enabled crimes a week in 2017 (11 June 2018)

The London Metropolitan Police have been using a wide variety of tactics to deal with more than 20,000 robberies occurring annually from moped enabled crimes after a number of high profile muggings in the capital recently.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Supreme Court to hear controversial A&E reception case (7 June 2018)

The Supreme Court to hear a case which previously split the Court of Appeal as it was felt to have serious implications for Clinical Negligence law.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Should opticians inform DVLA if a driver fails an eye test? (7 June 2018)

The family of a three year old car crash victim believe that it is an optician’s duty to inform DVLA if a driver fails their eye test.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Mother Found Guilty of Forcing Her Teenage Daughter To Marry (7 June 2018)

A mother, who forced her daughter to marry a relative almost twice the age of her daughter, was found guilty of the first successful prosecution for a forced marriage in England.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

NHS quarterly figures reveal increase in waiting times for patients (7 June 2018)

The quarterly figures are in and they show the extent of the NHS’s struggle to meet demand with more than 2,600 patients having waited more than a year for treatment, almost double the previous year’s results.   Read more...

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