Islamic Law Solictors

Our leading Islamic & Shariah law department specialize in:


  • Islamic divorce
  • Islamic Financial Settlement
  • (Mehr claims) under English Law
  • International Muslim Families
  • Islamic Mediation
  • Islamic Marriage Guidance and Counselling
  • Islamic Marriage Contracts
  • Laws of Muslim countries
  • Islamic financial contracts
  • Wills and contested inheritance disputes including international assets worldwide



Aina is recognised as the UK ’s leading specialist in Islamic Family Law by:-


  • Leading Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Members of the Commons and Lords
  • Professors and Academics
  • Resolution (formerly Solicitors Family Law Association)
  • Butterworths Family Service
  • Association of Muslim Lawyers
  • Sharia Councils
  • Muslim Arbitration Tribunal
  • Women’s Groups nationwide



Aina has developed her niche specialism in Islamic Family law over 20 years, providing pioneering solutions which work under English as well as Sharia law. She personally handles the highly charged negotiations and issues arising from these challenging court cases, which frequently include:


  • Couples who have had only an Islamic marriage, so are not legally married under English law and do not have matrimonial rights
  • Women seeking an Islamic divorce to which their husband does not consent
  • Women wishing to recover their ‘Mehr’ (Islamic marital finance settlement) under English law
  • Dowry & Wedding Jewellery disputes
  • Couples wishing to have tailor made Islamic marriage contracts and Prenups
  • Expert Opinions for court, other solicitors, Social Services etc on complex issues such as validity of marriages and divorces; logistics of placing children abroad in Muslim countries etc