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Property Negligence

Duncan Lewis Property Dispute Solicitors – Property Negligence Claims


Property negligence claims can involve taking legal action for poor property advice by a professional such as a conveyancer or surveyor – or making a claim against a contractor for negligent building work.



Professional negligence in property disputes always causes immense distress to homeowners and property owners, because in most cases negligent damage to a property is avoidable.


Property negligence claims may involve one or more property professionals, including:


Architects – Claims for negligence can also be made against architects for poor drafting or errors in building plans, which may mean that a property fails to comply with building regulations.

Builders – In some cases, making a claim for professional negligence in a property matter may also involve making a personal injury claim, if physical injury was caused to an individual as a result of negligence – for example, negligent building work. This might involve the collapse of a wall causing injury – or carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of negligence by a contractor installing a boiler.

Conveyancers – Professional negligence can also result in planning consents affecting a property not being addressed by a conveyancer during a property transfer.

Surveyors – Professional negligence may also result in defects in a property not being picked up during a structural survey – and property valuations by a surveyor which are inaccurate are also considered negligent if they are around 15% higher or lower than the property’s actual value.


Duncan Lewis property negligence solicitors can advise homeowners or commercial property owners on how to make a compensation claim for property negligence resulting in financial loss or personal injury – including making claims against:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Construction engineers
  • Contractors
  • Conveyancers
  • Estate agents
  • Managing agents
  • Project managers
  • Property solicitors
  • Plumbing and heating engineers
  • Roofers
  • Surveyors.
Making Property Negligence Claims


Duncan Lewis property dispute solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling property negligence claims relating to residential and commercial properties.


Claims for property negligence compensation usually have to be made within six years of negligence being identified.


In cases involving personal injury as a result of property negligence, claims are usually made within three years of injury occurring. However, Duncan Lewis can advise further on limitation periods for making claims once a case has been assessed.


Duncan Lewis property solicitors act swiftly to protect a client’s interests in property negligence cases, to prevent further damage and limit delays to building projects as much as possible – as well as making sure any remedial works required to a property are carried out in a timely manner and at the expense of the negligent property professional.


In property negligence cases, time can be of the essence and Duncan Lewis property dispute solicitors recommend that clients get in touch as soon as possible, so that the appropriate action can be taken against the opponent to protect your property.


Funding Property Negligence Claims


Duncan Lewis property dispute solicitors offer clients who wish to take legal action in property negligence disputes a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) to fund their case.


Duncan Lewis also offers a fixed fee arrangement for the initial assessment of a case involving property negligence, so our clients know exactly how much they will be paying from the outset.


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