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Applying for Asylum

Applying for asylum


You will increase the chances of your application being accepted if you apply for asylum at the earliest possible opportunity. Contact our immigration solicitors now if you need to make an application immediately.  Our immigration solicitors and Immigration lawyers will assess whether or not you qualify for Legal Aid. The Legal Aid Agency, still provide Legal Aid funding for asylum applications.


Here we will briefly outline all the stages of an application for asylum. For information about how to proceed with your case, contact one of our fee earners who will be able to advise what the next step you should take will be.


Duncan Lewis has a Category 1 Franchise in Immigration from the Legal Aid Agency. Duncan Lewis has a team of over 160 immigration solicitors and lawyers who are able to advise and assist in all aspects in presenting your asylum application. This means that we can apply to the government to fund your case if you do not have the means to do so. If you are eligible for government funding you will not have to pay for any service we provide during your application for asylum.


The first part of the asylum application process is an interview with the immigration authorities at the Croydon detention centre. At this interview you will be given the opportunity to explain why you need asylum. Your identity documents, if you have them, will be kept by the authorities until the end of the application process, at which stage they will be returned to you.


If, at this stage, your case is considered straight-forward it may be categorised a Detained Asylum Casework (DAC) case. If your case is put in the DAC you will be detained while the decision to grant you asylum is considered.


If your case is not suitable for the DAC process it will be sent to an immigration decision making team in the area of the UK you are currently staying in. Before you leave the centre you will be given an Application Registration Card with your photo and details on it. This is so you have a piece of ID to prove you are an asylum seeker.


If you are an asylum seeker under the age of 18 (minor) our Immigration and Asylum solicitors will be able to attend your screening and substantive asylum interviews with you.

First Meeting

After your screening the immigration authorities will schedule a first meeting for you and your case owner. This will usually take place less than 1 week after your screening. Your case owner will be a representative from the UK Visas and Immigration who will be responsible for your asylum application. At this meeting they will explain the application process to you and collect your identity documents from you if you were unable to provide them at the screening.

Asylum Interview

At the asylum interview your reasons for coming to the UK to seek asylum will be heard and examined in detail. If you do not attend this interview your application for asylum will be refused. It will take place about 1 week after the first meeting.  In limited circumstances our Immigration lawyers may be able to attend the interview with you.

Putting your case forward


Our immigration solicitors will be able to advise and assist you on gathering evidence in support of your application. This can be in the form of medical reports, psychiatric reports and evidence of human rights atrocities in the country of your origin.

Application outcome

The immigration authorities will try to make a decision regarding your status 6 month after you made the application for asylum. This can sometimes be delayed. Your representative from our firm will be able to follow up the progress of your application and inform you when a decision has been made.


If you wish to make an asylum application please contact one of our immigration lawyers now to discuss your case.

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