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Duncan Lewis:InThePress

please.pdf (19 December 2013)

Following on from two recent posts on this subject (Judicial review in the Upper Tribunal, Do not lodge Upper Tribunal judicial reviews by post if urgent), there has been another warning about the transfer of judicial reviews into the Upper Tribunal.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Isa Removed (18 December 2013)

45-year-old Isa Muazu, who had been detained since July, ^not found to have genuine need of protection^ in UK  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Guardian Isa Muaza (6 December 2013)

Asylum seeker who was returned to UK in a failed deportation
attempt will stay in the country pending judicial review  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Isa Muazu BBC (3 December 2013)

A Nigerian man said to be "near death" following a hunger strike is back in the UK after the Home Office flight deporting him had to turn around.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

DL Independant Isa (3 December 2013)

Lawyers for a gravely-ill Nigerian hunger striker are to make a fresh
attempt to halt his deportation after he endured a botched removal from
Britain involving a 20-hour flight on a private jet hired at a cost of up to
£110,000. 

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

DL Evening Standard (29 November 2013)

A NatWest bank clerk who used a bug to hide a £1 million scam is facing an “almost inevitable” prison sentence. Customer service adviser Hans Paterson-Mensah, 24, allowed a fraudster to attach the device to the computer system at his branch in Staines.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

BBC nigeria (29 November 2013)

Lawyers for a failed asylum seeker who was on hunger strike have said the Home Office has confirmed his removal from the UK.They said Isa Muazu, 45, is now "near death", but the Home Office said he was "fit to fly" back to Nigeria.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

politics co uk (29 November 2013)

Theresa May was accused of allowing someone to die "to score a political point" today, after a starving asylum seeker was deported to Nigeria despite fears he might not survive the flight. Isa Muazu, who has not eaten for 90 days and can no longer stand or see, feared he was going to be targeted by Islamic terror group Boko Haram if he was returned home, but the Home Office ignored concerns around his health and forcibly removed this morning.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Private jet standing (29 November 2013)

The Home Office has reserved a private jet to deport a man who has been on hunger strike in immigration detention for nearly 100 days. Isa Muazu^s lawyers are making final attempts to prevent his removal on Friday. They argue that Mr Muazu, who is now so thin he has been described as "close to death", is too unwell to fly.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Crime line tear (20 November 2013)

A contempt of court [civil proceedings] (not in the face of the court) falls w ithin prescribed
proceedings and is therefore funded under criminal legal aid. T his brings all forms of contempt w ithin
criminal funding. T he Court w as critical of the design of the application form (CRM 14) and urged
changes to both the 2013 regulations and the forms.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

DL Telegraph Fijan (18 November 2013)

A Fijian soldier who twice fought for Britain in Afghanistan faces deportation after missing paperwork deadline - he says, because the Army did not pass the correct files on to him  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

daily mail dl (15 November 2013)

A Fijian soldier who moved to the UK after serving in the British Army for nine years faces deportation on Sunday because of a simple administrative blunder.

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Law Gazette DL (13 November 2013)

Administrators have been appointed at a Milton Keynes family law firm forced to close earlier this month.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Guardian DL (13 November 2013)

Court of appeal rules Jumaa Kater Saleh was detained for too long while Home Office attempted to deport him.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Pakistani teenage migrant (8 November 2013)

Pakistani teenager’s wins right to fight for NHS treatment because it is superior to the care he would get in his homeland.
Mervyn Cross is a trainee solicitor at Duncan Lewis. Formerly in the immigration/public law team, he has now moved seats to mental health  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Televised court of appeal session (8 November 2013)

One of the first cases broadcast live on TV shows judges cutting four-year sexual assault sentence to 32 months

Duncan Lewis’ Sunjay Versani acted as Solicitor Advocate for the defendant.

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

asian voice daniel anderson (1 November 2013)

“There has been much publicity lately by the government and all major political parties in making ^work pay^. In essence it has been boldly stated that those who are in work should never be financially worse off than those who are out of work. However there has been a number of benefit cases recently brought to the attention of Duncan Lewis that unfortunately casts doubt on this assertion.”

Duncan Lewis Trainee Solicitor Daniel Anderson talks to the Asian Voice about the “Problems for workers seeking to claim benefits”.

The Asian Voice, 12 October 2013


Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Home Office accused of fixing asylum figures (28 October 2013)

Asylum seekers with strong cases are being pushed to the back of the Home Office queue so that officials can reject at least 60% of their applicants, according to immigration lawyers.

Those with clients at the appeals stage say that it has become common practice by the Home Office to withdraw strong cases at the last minute to protect the 60% “win rate” target which is adding to a backlog of half a million of unresolved cases and causing suffering to those who have a right to be here but are kept in limbo.

James Packer, head of public law at legal aid firm Duncan Lewis solicitors said;

The whole thing is a scandal. Very often decisions are withdrawn at the last moment because it is apparent that if the appeal were heard it would succeed. The tribunal has no power to prevent this, and a case can sit there for another year or more before a fresh decision is made, causing real suffering and preventing people from getting on with their lives. That’s the mischief they create to defend their “win rates”.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

DUNCAN LEWIS wins landmark case (23 October 2013)

This case involves a child who suffers from a serious medical condition requiring
blood transfusions. The Court of Appeal allowed our client’s appeal and held that
there will be circumstances in which the high Article 3 threshold will be reached in
relation to a child where it would not be reached in relation to an adult.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Exemplary damages win for robber (16 October 2013)

A foreign national jailed for 12 months for robbery has been awarded £25,000 damages because he was detained too long while attempts were made to deport him.

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Indian general followed before knife attack in London (17 July 2013)

An Indian general and his wife were followed before his throat was slashed with a knife in London^s West End, Southwark Crown Court has heard.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Suspected Jamaican rapist banned (7 June 2013)

The Home Office and the Police move to expand Operation Nexus, in which criminal allegations (without any convictions) are used as justification to refuse leave and remove a foreign national from the United Kingdom, the operation of which was contested recently by Duncan Lewis in the Upper Tribunal. Immigration lawyers should be prepared to hold, in effect, civil trials over criminal allegations being raised in an immigration context.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Last Chance Saloon (8 April 2013)

Inside Times Article from Director/Solicitor Jenna McKinney on an urgent change to legal aid for foreign national prisoners  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

Ministers admit trying (22 March 2013)

System ^in chaos^ as nearly half of enforced removals are cancelled, many of them after successful legal challenges  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:InThePress

the wrong steps for the wrong reasons (2 January 2013)

It is annoying for the government to be told that its actions are unlawful. It is
embarrassing for the Home Office to have the disarray in the immigration system
exposed in court. 

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