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Unlawful Eviction By Private Landlord

Unlawful Eviction By Private Landlord


An illegal eviction is a serious criminal offence.


Unlawful eviction occurs when your landlord or someone acting on their behalf forces you to leave your home without following the correct legal procedures. If you don’t live with your landlord then the only way they can legally evict you is with a court order.


Your landlord may attempt to illegally evict you by;


  • Changing the locks when you are out
  • Physically throwing you out
  • Preventing you from getting into part or all of your home
  • Removing your belongings from the property
  • Threatens you or forces you to leave


These are all criminal offences and if your landlord has or has tried to illegally evict you they may face serious penalties, including the possibility of imprisonment.


Get in Touch


If you think you have been illegally evicted you should contact our Housing department at Duncan Lewis Solicitors immediately so that we can help you as soon as possible.


If you have been unlawfully evicted, we will be able to;


  • Apply to the court to grant you an injunction – this will enable you to regain access to the property
  • Ensure you are compensated for the time you have not been able to access the property.


We regularly advise clients on illegal eviction matters– and can also advise if the police need to be involved if physical violence has been threatened or the perpetrators have been verbally abusive or threatening.


If you have been illegally evicted do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated Housing solicitors at Duncan Lewis as soon as possible on 033 3772 0409


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