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Housing Articles

Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
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New Rules For Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Compliance for Tenants and Landlords (9 August 2022)

Social landlords must comply with the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 from October  Read more...

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More tenants facing eviction or repossession to get free pre-hearing legal advice after £10m funding boost (12 July 2022)

An extra £10 million of funding for housing legal aid has been announced to help more people facing eviction and repossession get early, free legal advice.  Read more...

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No fault evictions to be banned in rental overhaul – but what will it mean for tenants and landlords? (21 June 2022)

We may be about to finally see the end of the no fault eviction notice which has been the bane of many private tenants’ lives for far too long.  Read more...

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Rotten housing eligibility assistance decisions are ripe for challenge (17 June 2022)

Most housing lawyers know that every time there’s a change regarding the eligibility of EEA nationals it takes some time for local authority decision-makers to catch up with the new rules.   Read more...

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Court of Appeal Makes Key Ruling for Homeless Housing Applicants (25 May 2022)

ouncils have an immediate and qualified duty to secure appropriate accommodation for tenants living in properties declared unsuitable for their needs, the Court of Appeal has held.  Read more...

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Croydon London Borough Council v Kalonga (2022) UKSC 7 - Local councils to scrutinise and revise tenancy agreements after Supreme Court case (28 April 2022)

In a recent possession case between the claimant, Croydon Council, and the defendant, Ms Kalonga, the Supreme Court considered the authority’s attempt to terminate the defendant’s fixed term flexible tenancy without relying on forfeiture as a ground of possession.  Read more...

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Don’t struggle alone through the rise in living costs crisis, ask our experts’ advice (27 April 2022)

According to the Crisis and Heriot-Watt University charity, it is anticipated that by 2024, more than 66,000 people will be made homeless.  Read more...

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Homelessness applications and the right to challenge decisions (1 April 2022)

Challenging wrongful housing decisions by councils can be a minefield but the issue will become more prominent in the current crisis  Read more...

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Can the Government’s £4bn rescue plan save leaseholders from their cladding misery? (19 January 2022)

The staggering £4 billion earmarked by Housing Secretary Michael Gove to tackle cladding issue could arguably be the greatest step towards resolving this housing crisis so far.   Read more...

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No place like home: illegal evictions and harassment (7 December 2021)

If you live in rented accommodation, the law protects you against harassment and illegal eviction. It is a criminal offence for a landlord to harass their tenant, or to evict them without following the correct legal procedure. A tenant could claim damages through court action.  Read more...

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Housing Disrepair and Tenant’s Rights (29 November 2021)

The recent Housing Ombudsman report on the state of properties reports that a majority of properties that are managed by social housing providers are continuing to be found uninhabitable or landlords are not taking issues of disrepair seriously, rather choosing to deflect blame on the tenants’ use of the property.  Read more...

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Homelessness Crisis Looming (4 November 2021)

As a result of many of the Covid-19 measures coming to an end, it is very likely that there will be a sharp rise in the number of people facing homelessness across England and Wales.  Read more...

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Uninhabitable Habitation - The Rise in Housing Disrepair Claims (13 September 2021)

It is extremely important that all tenants understand their rights when it comes to repairs and maintenance of their property, but the law can be very confusing, and this may result in people continuing to reside in properties which are unsuitable for them to live in.   Read more...

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Update for landlords and tenants as Covid-19 restrictions ease (28 May 2021)

The government has announced that there will be many important changes to notice periods, forms and evictions as pandemic restrictions ease  Read more...

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TM (a protected party by his litigation friend, DM) v Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd – Permission granted by the Court of Appeal (22 March 2021)

Adrian Smith looks into the case of TM (a protected party by his litigation friend, DM) v Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd   Read more...

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