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Are you dealing with a property dispute? Whether it is a disagreement with a neighbour, landlord, or tenant, or a complex issue with a real estate development project, property litigation matters can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s where property dispute solicitors come in!


You might be wondering: What exactly do property dispute solicitors do? Well, you will get all your questions and answers here.


What is Property Dispute Law?


Property law is the branch of law that covers the ownership, use, and transfer of real and personal property.


A property dispute solicitor specialises in resolving legal issues involving land, buildings, or other real property disagreement.


Understanding Property Disputes


Property disputes happen when individuals or groups disagree about ownership, use, or control of a property or building.


It often involves arguments over boundaries, contracts, or issues between landlords and tenants.


These conflicts may escalate into legal battles or negotiations to be resolved through arbitration.


Property disputes encompass conflicts over both residential and commercial properties, arising from disagreements on ownership, rights, or property use.


The Importance of Legal Assistance


Given the complexity of property litigation, seeking expert legal advice is essential. Without proper support, disputes can swiftly evolve into costly court battles.


Duncan Lewis’ property dispute solicitors possess a deep understanding of housing laws, offering high-quality, and professional guidance on dispute resolution.


How a Property Law Disputes Solicitor Can Help


Our solicitors specialise in managing cases and claims related to all property disputes.


Specific ways in which we assist clients include:


  • Pre-Action Protocol Letter: Sending pre-action letters in boundary disputes outlining claim details
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): advising on amicable settlements through mediation in boundary disputes
  • Legal Action: Handling property cases in the county or appeals courts


We aim to provide helpful support to clients, making sure they know their rights and duties. We achieve this through resolution, mediation, or litigation.


Our experienced team handles property disputes for landlords, tenants, real estate developers, and homeowners. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step toward resolving your property disputes.


Steps to Resolve Property Disputes


Our team will lead you step-by-step through each stage, helping to address property disputes effectively. Communication, negotiation, and documentation are key aspects of our work.


Choosing the Right Property Disputes Solicitor


When looking for a good solicitor, check their qualifications and read reviews. During consultations, ask questions to make sure they can handle your property dispute case well.


At Duncan Lewis, we understand the importance of selecting the right solicitor. We help you by giving advice and recommendations that fit your specific needs.


Contact Duncan Lewis Property Disputes Solicitor to discuss property litigation or charges.


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