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Breach Of Tenancy Agreement

Breach Of Tenancy Agreement


If a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement, the landlord may decide to evict them and repossess the property.


What counts as a breach of contract varies from contract to contract; however there are several breaches that will prompt most landlords will seek a court order for possession;


  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Criminal activity
  • Damage and/or Disrepair
  • Harassment
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Rent arrears
  • Sub-letting


A landlord has two possible options that allow for the repossession of the property. They can seek possession using one of two different notices;


  • Section 21 notice
  • Section 8 notice


A Section 21 (S21) notice can be used to evict tenants either;


  • After a fixed term tenancy ends – if there’s a written contract
  • During a tenancy with no fixed end date – known as a ‘periodic tenancy’


A Section 8 notice can be used for tenants with;


  • An assured tenancy
  • An assured shorthold tenancy


The biggest risk for a tenant in a repossession claim is the threat of being made homeless. For this reason it is essential to get in touch with a solicitor as soon as possible.


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In cases involving allegations of breach of tenancy agreement, it is essential to take legal advice from a housing solicitor with expertise in landlord and tenant disputes – especially if your landlord has already issued a Section 8 notice of a breach of tenancy and/or is seeking repossession after serving a Section 21 Notice to Quit, or is seeking damages.


 A housing solicitor can examine the legal basis for your landlord seeking repossession and advise on the best course of action – including dispute resolution and mediation as an alternative to court action and/or resisting possession proceedings by a landlord.


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