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Harassment by Landlord

Harassment by Landlord


Any kind of harassment is a criminal offence. Harassment is action taken by your landlord to deliberately disrupt your home life or make you leave. The most common form of landlord harassment is visiting the property without warning and looking around your living quarters. They do not have the right to do this; they should give you proper notice if they are visiting the property.


If they are doing this persistently or do so in a threatening or alarming way you may be the victim of harassment.


It may seem incredibly difficult to stand up to your landlord when you feel they are harassing you but there are remedies available through the courts which can prevent them from abusing their position and harassing you.


Examples of landlord harassment include;


  • Allowing the property to fall into disrepair
  • Allowing workmen or builders to enter the property without notice
  • Denying access to areas of the property (kitchen or bathroom for example)
  • Entering the property without prior notice
  • Entering the property when you are not present without notice
  • Harassing you because of your race, gender or sexuality
  • Reading or interfering with your post
  • Refusing you from having guests
  • Shutting off utilities such as electric, gas or water
  • Threatening you
  • Withholding keys or changing the locks


Get in Touch


If your landlord is continuing to harass you after attempts to get them to stop you should get in touch with a member of our Housing Team at Duncan Lewis Solicitors as soon as possible in order to discuss the matter and enable us to take action to protect you from further harassment and resolve the problem for good.


We regularly advise clients on taking action against landlord harassment – and can also advise if the police need to be involved if physical violence has been threatened or the perpetrators have been verbally abusive or threatening.


If your landlord has been harassing you in any way – for example; your landlord is threatening you, your landlord is stopping you from accessing your home, your landlord continuously enters the property without notifying you or any other landlord harassment issue - do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated Landlord Harassment solicitors in our expert Housing Department at Duncan Lewis as soon as possible on 033 3772 0409


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