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Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice


If your landlord wants to evict you they must give you an eviction notice. If not they will be unable to legally make you leave the property.


Eviction notices landlords can use are;


  • Section 21 Notice
  • Section 8 Notice


The Section 21 Notice is most common notice issued. If your landlord gives you a Section 21 Notice you do not have to leave straight away, they must give you a minimum of two months’ notice.


Landlords must follow strict procedure in order to evict a tenant else they risk being guilty of harassment or illegally evicting their tenants.


In order for a Section 21 to be considered legal it must;


  • Be delivered in writing, giving the tenant at least two months’ notice
  • Be on the correct form if the tenant signed a new contract or renewal agreement on or after 1 October 2015.


If you have broken your tenancy agreement then your landlord may evict you with a Section 8 Notice, in this case they can give you between 2 weeks and 2 months before you are evicted. However they must state what aspect of the tenancy agreement you have broken.


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Duncan Lewis urges clients to get in touch as soon as possible in cases involving the issue of an S21 Notice or an S8 Notice and can also offer advice on dispute resolution and mediation as alternatives to court action.


We also regularly advise clients on illegal eviction matters and can offer specialist legal support and advice on all eviction or possession matters.


For expert legal advice on eviction notices including what to do if your landlord issues you an eviction notice, a Section 21 notice and section 8 notice, do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated Duncan Lewis Housing Solicitors as soon as possible on 033 3772 0409.


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