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Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Hundreds of thousands of rented properties in England are likely to leave tenants needing medical attention (29 January 2018)

Over 300,000 properties rented by under 35s in England are so squalid that they are likely to cause serious harm, putting nearly 500,000 tenants in danger.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Gang who manufactured fake IDs for immigration offenders jailed (29 January 2018)

A gang, led by Mr Kanaventi and Mr Adekoya, conspired to create fraudulent identification documents intended to enable immigration offender’s illegal residence in the UK. The group were prosecuted at Woolwich Crown Court and were each sentenced according to their varying offences as part of their operation, ranging from 6 months to 4 years imprisonment.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Daughter fears she will miss out on inheritance if her father remarries (26 January 2018)

A daughter has tried to stop her elderly father from remarrying over fears she and her sisters would miss out on their inheritance.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Too Drunk to Provide a Specimen (26 January 2018)

An interesting case has recently concluded in the High Court which addressed whether someone being “too drunk” to provide a breath sample would have a defence to the allegation of failing to provide a specimen.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Car dealer who sold unroadworthy car as “excellent all-rounder” given 6 month custodial sentence (26 January 2018)

Car Dealer, Mr Shah, was prosecuted by Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards for selling a dangerous vehicle as an “excellent all-rounder.” Mr Shah pleaded guilty to a fraud offence and an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations which saw him receive a 6 month custodial sentence.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Driver who killed friend in high speed accident has sentence doubled (26 January 2018)

The driver, Stephen Whilde, was driving in the dark on the A529 at more than 20mph over the speed limit when he lost control of his car, ultimately causing the death of the passenger, William Bye. Mr Whilde was originally sentenced to 2 years in custody, suspended for 2 years at Shrewsbury Crown Court, however he has since had his sentence increased to a 3 year prison sentence after Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC referred his case to the Court of Appeal.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Housing Rules Strengthened in order to Protect Music Venues and their Neighbours (25 January 2018)

According to Housing Secretary, Sajid Javid MP, housing developers should be responsible for addressing noise issues.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Charity campaigns for ‘car-dooring’ to be made aware to road users with preventative measures put in place (18 January 2018)

Cycling UK, an organisation that advocates cycling and all related to its activity has urged road users, motorists and cyclists to be better informed and careful on the roads, due to the increasing rate of ‘dooring’ accidents occurring in the UK.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Stalking: when “course of conduct over a period of time” constitutes an offence (18 January 2018)

In 2012, the offence of Stalking was added to the Statute of Protection of Harassment Act 1997. It gave rise to two different offences; simple Stalking under Section 2A of the act, which is a summary only matter and Stalking involving fear of violence and/or serious alarm or distress is covered under Section 4A of the act and it is an either-way offence, which means the case can be heard at the magistrates’ or Crown Court.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Women in custody deprived of access to sanitary products (17 January 2018)

Police have been found to be failing to provide basic access to sanitary items to female detainees, according to an independent watchdog report. This is in direct breach of Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) which is intended to protect a person’s right to privacy in order to preserve their dignity.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Rise in young people detained under The Mental Health Act prompts South Wales Police to call for better education (17 January 2018)

South Wales Police have recorded more than 48 detentions of young people under The Mental Health Act from 2016-2017, which is 12 more than the previous year. In recent years this upwards trend of mental health issues in young people has caused major concern, with many children and young people affected by the increasing pressure of exams and social anxiety brought on by exposure to social media.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Prison sentence doubled for man guilty of child sex abuse (17 January 2018)

A man found guilty of sexual offences involving a 6 year old child has had his prison sentenced doubled after the Solicitor General deemed it unduly lenient.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Court of Protection to decide whether a mentally ill Syrian refugee should have NHS dental surgery (12 January 2018)

A judge will decide whether or not a mentally-ill Syrian man should undergo major NHS dental surgery to remove 20 of his teeth.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

The Ministry of Justice Announces Changes to Current Legal Aid System for Victims of Domestic Violence (10 January 2018)

Since the changes introduced by the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 came into force on 1st April 2013, many vulnerable people have not been eligible for legal aid funding for legal services in certain family law matters such as contact and residence disputes. The rules stated that in order to be eligible for legal aid in certain family law matters, the client needed to show that either they have been the victim of domestic abuse or that social services have concerns about their children due to the opponent’s behaviour. The Legal Aid Agency is strict in terms of what they accept as evidence of domestic abuse. A requirement of showing evidence of domestic violence within the previous 2 years was initially imposed, which was extended to 5 years in abuse cases.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

UK retailers to ban acid sales to minors following a recent government plan proposal (9 January 2018)

Major UK retailers and DIY chains have taken an initiative to prevent acid attacks, by banning sales of corrosive substances to under-18s both in-store and online.   Read more...

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