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Red Alerts



This page details notifications we have received on individuals and/ or organisations that have been fraudulently using or associating themselves with the identity of this company. 


The aim of these fraudsters is to dupe innocent members of the public into engaging with and instructing them on unauthorised (sometimes inaccurate) legal advice; causing financial loss and in some cases loss in the opportunity to properly pursue a legal remedy.  


Duncan Lewis does not authorise any unapproved use of the company information and takes all matters of fraudulent use of our details and/ or scams linked to the company seriously.  Duncan Lewis will report such instances to the SRA Red Alert Team and work with the regulator and authorities in their investigations. 


How to Report Scams/ Fraud to Duncan Lewis:


If you have been contacted by/ or aware of an individual you believe is fraudulently linking themselves and/ or using Duncan Lewis details; please report the matter with full details to our Risk and Compliance Team on: RiskandCompliance@DuncanLewis.com


The Risk and Compliance Team are responsible for looking into such matters and reporting them to the appropriate authorities. 


SRA Red Alert Notices:


This page lists all notifications received to date:







April/ May 2018

Syed Rafique from Duncan Lewis using emails:
rafiquetsyed@outlook.com”, “rafique.syed@outlook.com” and “askduncanlewis@outlook.com”, telephone number of 07872 282 330.

Wills & Probate/ Inheritance  

Email purporting to be from Solicitor Syed Rafique from Duncan Lewis Solicitors claiming to be related to an inheritance matter.  Emails are being sent from address:  “rafiquetsyed@outlook.com”, “rafique.syed@outlook.com” and “askduncanlewis@outlook.com”, and some contain a contact telephone number of 07872 282 330.
Duncan Lewis does have a Solicitor/ Director Mr Syed Talha Hamad Rafique however these emails have not been sent by him or on behalf of Duncan Lewis Solicitors.  The advice is to ignore and delete such emails. 

Matter reported to SRA who have investigated and posted on their website – Alert Page

Feb 2018

Edward Ellis Equity Lawyer

Child Care and Family

Fraudulently linking himself to DL via solicitor.com site.DL has asked Solicitor.com to remove any references as unapproved and inaccurate. He has been targeting vulnerable parents who have had their children removed with promises that he will bring group actions to get their children back to them in 14 days using the email address: edward.w.ellis@gmail.com

Matter reported to SRA and currently under investigation

Oct 2017

Kasey Jones


Fraudulent use of DL Letterhead addressed to Andrew Smart and containing damp cloth with high chemical odour

Matter reported to SRA and Police Action Fraud

Oct 2017

Estate of Mrs Rosabell Wellington

Wills & Probate

Fraudulent DL email using address: duncanlewissolicitorsllp@gmail.com

Matter reported to and investigated by SRA

Oct 2017

Monday Osaseri

Housing/ Social Welfare

Sender of email: oluduncanlewis@yahoo.com. fraudulently passing himself off as Mr Olu Ayodeji, a Solicitor genuinely working for DL Lewisham office.  Fraudulently making and pursuing applications in DL and Mr Olu Ayodeji’s name.

Matter reported to Courts, SRA and Police Action Fraud

Sept 2017

Mr Duncan Parker Lewis Barrister


Fraudulent use of DL emails re: unclaimed inheritance of £4.7 million.Linking himself to genuine serviced office of DL in Cambridge  

Matter reported to and investigated by SRA

Mar 2017

Mark Hemingway


Unauthorised use of DL name and letterhead and purporting to help customer of Swift finances to refinance their loans

Matter reported to and investigated by SRA and Police Action Fraud

Oct 2016

Edward Dennard


Sending emails to third parties purporting to undertake charity work and asking for monies to be sent to him.Using emaiI ID: barristerduncanlewis20001@gmail.com 

Matter reported to SRA

April 2016

Alexander Carthy


Fraudulent Company stamp used to certify ID documents in connection with money laundering offences  

Matter was brought to DL’s attention by the police who investigated.Mater reported to SRA

Mar 2016

Website: www.wikibylaw.co.uk


Fake websites duplication of DL details

Matter reported to and investigated by SRA

Nov 2015

Mr Raj Chupra


Using DL LAA Account Details to complete LAA forms, thereby holding himself out as being employed/services with DL

Matter reported to SRA,  LAA and investigated by Legal Ombudsman

Nov 2015

George William

Wills & Probate

Scam emails sent to third party informing them they are a sole beneficiary to will and asking for personal details

Matter reported to SRA

Oct 2015

Mr T Johnson

Crime/ Prison

Fraudulent use of DL Letterhead for Rule 39 Correspondence re-directed to Birmingham Branch as undeliverable.  Contained package with white substance

Matter reported to Police and SRA

July 2015



Fraudulent Company stamp used to certify ID documents to secure credit. 

Matter reported to SRA


You can also view the full notification reports on matters relating to Duncan Lewis and other company and/or individuals scams or fraud at the SRA Red Alert page at: https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/scam-alerts/scam-alerts.page

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