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Architecture is a highly specialised field – and even property companies and developers rely on the expertise of their architect.


When architects make errors or carry out their work in a negligent manner, the results can be devastating to both companies and private individuals left with a building that might be unsafe, poorly designed or constructed – or which has been built with defective or unsuitable materials.


All architects should be registered with the Architects’ Registration Board – and it is important to ensure that any architect engaged to work on a project is fully trained, experience and registered with the ARB, which was set up by the government to act as the independent regulator of architects. Many architects are also members of the Royal Institute of British Architects, which also has a regulatory function.


Any failure in competence or performance in an architect cannot only be financially disastrous, but may also potentially endanger lives.


In some rare cases of architects’ professional negligence, criminal charges might be brought for defective performance, dishonesty, or for breaching health and safety legislation leading to loss of life or a serious risk of injury to others or loss of life.


Usually, however, a claim against an architect will involve a breakdown in the relationship because of defective work, poor performance or architectural plans which do not work. In some cases, an architect may even walk off a job, leaving their client to sort out the problem.


Duncan Lewis has highly successful litigation, property law and criminal law departments, all of which are able to offer in house expertise in claims against architects for professional negligence.


Duncan Lewis also works with leading property professionals and can arrange for an expert opinion from a property professional when preparing a claim against an architect for professional negligence.


The Duncan Lewis property litigation team can review the contract between a client and the architect – in some cases, an architect’s contract may state that any dispute should be referred to mediation or arbitration to prevent court action.


Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors can advise on the options for settling a claim against an architect, including dispute resolution services to prevent costly litigation.


Claims against negligent architects have to be made within three years from the date when the problem first became evident – and Duncan Lewis can advise private individuals, companies and developers on architects’ professional negligence.


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