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Spouse/Unmarried Partner Visas

Spouse/Unmarried Partner Visas






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If your partner is a British national, you may be eligible for a visa that allows you to live in the UK for up to 2 and a half years. When this visa expires you can apply to stay in the UK for a further 2 and a half years if you still meet the visa requirements. If at the end of 5 years you still meet the requirements, you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. ‘Partner’ includes: husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner.


To meet the visa requirements you must show that:

Proving a ‘genuine and subsisting’ relationship


To show that you satisfy this requirement, you and your partner will have to demonstrate:

We understand that proving the validity of your partnership to the satisfaction of the authorities can be a frustrating task. Our highly experienced immigration lawyers will be able to clarify any parts of the visa application that are unclear, and advise you on your eligibility and how you can prove your status to the authorities.


Fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa


If you wish to come to the UK for the purpose of getting married, you may be able to apply for a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa. This must be done from outside the UK and the visa must be granted before you can travel to the UK to get married or register your civil partnership.


If you are legally living in the UK but subject to immigration controls, you must give notice to marry or register your civil partnership with a registrar at a designated office. Someone from our immigration team will be able to advise you on how this can be done.


We can assist with entry clearance applications, premium same-day appointments, appeals and marriage visitor visa applications.


If your UK spouse or unmarried partner visa application is refused with no right to appeal, we can assist by way of Judicial Review. At Duncan Lewis Solicitors, we are experts at challenging the Home Office through Judicial Review. Our team of UK immigration solicitors are highly experienced with making Judicial Review claims against the UK Home Office.


For an initial consultation over the telephone with one of our expert UK immigration lawyers, call us today on +44(0)203 114 1198 or e-mail us at privateimmigration@duncanlewis.com.

  • both parties aged 18 of age or over when the application is made
  • your relationship is ‘genuine and subsisting’ and you intend to live permanently in the UK with your partner
  • your marriage or civil partnership is recognised by UK law
  • you will need to meet a salary and/or earnings requirement, currently £18,600 without dependents
  • you can support yourselves and any dependents you may have without claiming government benefits
  • your grasp of the English language is satisfactory
    • you are currently in a long-term relationship with one another
    • the two of you are living together, and have plans to do so in the UK if you are not already
    • you share the responsibility for your finances and your children, if you have any

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