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Global Business Mobility Routes

Global Business Mobility Routes


The Global Business Mobility Routes introduced in April 2022 created a new category of sponsored routes for overseas businesses seeking to establish a presence in the UK. The new visa routes enable overseas businesses, subject to meeting the relevant eligibility requirements, to send workers to the UK for business purposes.


To sponsor a worker under this new route, the business must possess an A-rated Sponsor Licence. It is crucial therefore that business either apply for a Sponsor Licence if they do not currently hold one, or review their current Licence to ensure that it satisfies the objectives of the businesses future recruitment aims. Duncan Lewis specialist business immigration lawyers can advise on the sponsor licence application process. Our dedicated Sponsor Licence team can assist your business in successfully obtaining a Sponsor Licence.


Settlement on the Global Business Mobility Visa Route


The Global Business Mobility Visa Routes will not lead directly to settlement in the UK. However, if the eligibility requirements are satisfied, Global Business Mobility Visa holders may be able to apply from within the UK to switch into another immigration route which does lead to settlement.


There are five sponsored visa options available for transferring employees to the UK from overseas:


  1. Senior or Specialist Worker Visa: This visa has replaced the existing Intra-Company Transfer route. It is for Senior Managers or Specialist Employees who have been assigned to a UK business linked to their employer overseas. 
  2. Graduate Trainee Visa: This visa has replaced the Intra-Company Graduate Trainee route. It is for overseas workers who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK, where the worker is on a graduate training programme leading to a senior management or specialist position and is required to do a work placement in the UK. 
  3. UK Expansion Worker Visa: This visa replaces the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business route. It is for overseas workers who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK, where the worker is a senior manager or specialist employee and is being assigned to the UK to undertake work related to a business’s expansion to the UK. 
  4. Service Supplier Visa: This visa replaces the provisions for contractual service suppliers and independent professionals on the International Agreement route. It is for overseas workers who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK, where the worker is either a contractual service supplier employed by an overseas service provider or a self-employed independent professional based overseas, and they need to undertake an assignment in the UK to provide services covered by one of the UK’s international trade agreements. 
  5. Secondment Worker Visa: This visa is a new immigration route. It is for overseas workers who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK, where the worker is being seconded to the UK as part of a high-value contract or investment by their employer overseas.


Understanding which type of visa your employees need can sometimes be difficult to navigate. It is important to secure the right type of visa in order to ensure that your employees satisfy all of the eligibility criteria. At Duncan Lewis Solicitors, our private immigration lawyers will provide you with clear guidance and support you through the visa application process to help simplify what can sometimes be a daunting process. Our team can advise which visa is right for you, discuss the relevant eligibility requirements, and advise you on the necessary paperwork and supporting documents.


Boost your chances of a successful visa application with our expert support. To discuss your Global Business Mobility needs and Sponsored Visa Routes, contact our specialist immigration solicitors team today on +44(0)203 114 1198 or e-mail us at privateimmigration@duncanlewis.com.


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