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The UK is facing a severe shortage of experienced midwives, due to an increase in the birth rate – and more midwives approaching retirement age or moving overseas to work.


In 2014, there was an estimated national shortage of 2,300 NHS midwives – and according to the Royal College of Midwives, the skills shortage in midwifery is putting the lives of babies at risk.


In recent decades, the only option for the NHS and private healthcare providers trying to meet midwifery recruitment targets has been to recruit midwives from overseas – and from non-EU countries where fluency in the English language would not be a barrier to working in the UK.


Duncan Lewis business immigration solicitors can advise companies on the international recruitment of midwives – who are eligible to work in the UK under the regulations covering occupations skilled to NQF Level 6.


Duncan Lewis business immigration lawyers frequently advise individuals and companies on Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) applications – as well as advising on recruiting recent overseas graduates who have qualified in midwifery in the UK.


Any Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) applicants can be sponsored for jobs in certain occupations – and the government has drawn up a list of eligible occupations for midwives wishing to apply for a Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) visa to take up a position in the UK.


UK Visas & Immigration regulations set out Codes of Practice for Skilled Workers such as midwives.


Under the regulations, the sort of roles within a company that would be eligible for a Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) visa application include:


  • Midwife
  • Midwifery sister


UK Visas & Immigration rules also set out the types of duties a midwife might carry out to qualify for a Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) visa, including:


  • monitors condition and progress of patient and baby throughout pregnancy
  • delivers babies in normal births and assists doctors with difficult deliveries
  • monitors recovery of mother in postnatal period and supervises the nursing of premature and other babies requiring special attention
  • advises on baby care, exercise, diet and family planning issues
  • supervises more junior staff and directs the work of the midwifery unit
  • plans and manages midwifery care services
  • delivers lectures and other forms of training in midwifery practice.


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Duncan Lewis Business Immigration Solicitors – UK Visa Applications & Appeals – Midwife


Applying for a Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) visa for a midwife joining your UK operation requires expert legal advice on the preparation of the visa application to ensure no delays occur.


Companies should be aware that any delays in the Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) visa application process might potentially jeopardise the timely take up of a midwifery appointment.


Duncan Lewis immigration experts are one of the UK’s leading specialist immigration and business immigration solicitors, with a highly successful track record in advising companies on business immigration and the UK visa application process.


Duncan Lewis immigration lawyers have offices nationwide and in most major cities – and our national and London immigration lawyers regularly advise companies wishing to recruit qualified and experienced midwives from overseas on:


  • Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) Licence 
  • Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)
  • Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) Visa Applications
  • Skilled Worker (formerly known as Tier 2) Intra Company Transfers
  • Standard UK Visa for Business Visits.


Duncan Lewis business immigration experts are also able to advise on visa appeals for midwives wishing to take up appointments in the UK.


For further information on UK visa applications for Midwives, call Duncan Lewis Business Immigration Solicitors in confidence on 0333 772 0409 or e-mail us at privateimmigration@duncanlewis.com / businessimmigration@duncanlewis.com


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