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Asylum Support

Asylum Support


If you have claimed asylum in the UK and you are unable to support yourself with housing and food while your claim is being considered by the Home Office, you can apply for asylum support.


Details on what you will usually receive are available here: https://www.gov.uk/asylum-support


Support in the form of housing and an allowance for food and toiletries is provided at different levels and under different sections of the law depending on whether your claim for asylum is a first claim or whether it is a fresh claim or further submissions.


If your previous asylum claim was refused and you make a fresh claim for asylum, you will usually be eligible for asylum support if you are destitute and unable to leave the UK.


Applications for asylum support are made to Migrant Help:


Telephone: 0808 801 0503


If you have been refused support, you may appeal the decision to the First tier Tribunal (Asylum Support). Legal Aid is not available for representation at appeals but assistance is available from the Asylum Support Appeals Project.


If you have been accepted as a potential victim of trafficking and have a positive reasonable grounds’ decision, you will receive additional financial support through the Victim Care Contract operated by the Home Office.


How can Duncan Lewis Help?


Our highly experienced immigration solicitors can assist with the following:


  • If you have been granted asylum support but have not yet received it
  • If you are eligible for additional support and have not received it
  • If your accommodation is unsuitable for your needs
  • If you have made an application for asylum support and not received a response
  • If your support has been terminated


Our solicitors are available to review your case and advise you on the legal options available.


Covid-19 and Asylum Support


Special measures are in force during the Covid-19 emergency.


The Home Office has issued policy guidance that:


  • Victims of trafficking will not be moved on from their accommodation following a conclusive grounds decision for three months.
  • Asylum-seekers whose claims have been finally determined (positively or negatively) will not be required to leave their asylum support accommodation for three months.
  • Asylum-seekers whose initial claims have been refused will be eligible for s4 accommodation whether or not their fresh claims have been submitted.
  • Asylum-seekers who display Covid-19 symptoms and need to self-isolate will be accommodated by the Home Office in separate accommodation.


If you have been refused accommodation in the COVID-19 emergency, been required to leave your accommodation or require self-isolating accommodation, our solicitors are able to assist you.


Please contact us to request an urgent consultation. We offer both telephone and video meetings via a range of video and messaging services.


For a free 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our expert UK immigration lawyers during this period please click this link.


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