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Duncan Lewis Divorce Solicitors – International Divorce & Jurisdictional Issues


Jurisdictional issues in international divorce can impact on financial arrangements and future financial security.


Because of this, it is crucial to apply for a divorce in the jurisdiction which can offer the most protection to you in a divorce settlement – and protect your financial and property assets.


Some of the main issues in international divorce which may be subject to jurisdictional issues include:

  • Child custody and support
  • Division of property
  • Financial settlements
  • Inheritance, wills and trusts
  • Life assurance
  • Maintenance payments
  • Pensions entitlement
  • Sharing joint assets (property, investments)
  • Tax arrangements.

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to dispute where a divorce hearing should be held if different jurisdictions are involved – and taking legal advice on where to apply for an international divorce is crucial because of complex differences in divorce law and family law between jurisdictions.


There will almost always be a residency requirement in applying for a divorce in a particular jurisdiction – and establishing residency rights can also be highly complex, especially if one or both parties travel frequently or conduct business overseas and spend a large proportion of their time abroad.


Some jurisdictions for example, will apply divorce law relating to the country of the non-native partner in a divorce case, which may be beneficial or disadvantageous.


Child contact and residence – as well as inheritance – are also more complex in cases involving international divorce and jurisdictional issues; and as laws between different jurisdictions may change over time, taking up-to-the-minute legal advice from a specialist international divorce solicitor is vital to future financial security and the security and inheritance of any children, including children from a previous relationship or any children in the future from a new relationship.


Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors have a successful track record in advising clients on international divorce and jurisdictional issues.


Duncan Lewis also has highly successful departments covering immigration law, property law, child care law and litigation – including recognised expertise in resolving international parent-child abduction cases – and can advise on international divorce under Islamic law.


In cases involving contested international divorce, Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors can also advise on alternatives to court action, including dispute resolution and lawyers supported family mediation.


Duncan Lewis Divorce Solicitors – Fixed Fee Legal Advice on International Divorce & Jurisdictional Issues


Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors offer an initial client meeting with a fixed fee for legal advice on international divorce involving jurisdictional issues.


Once the details of a case have been assessed it is usually possible to offer a further fixed fee scale, which clients will be advised of in advance.


Duncan Lewis advises clients considering ending an international marriage where there are jurisdictional issues to get in touch as soon as possible for an assessment of their case. Taking legal advice early in divorce or separation in an international marriage can help focus on the practicalities at what is usually a very stressful and upsetting time.


For expert legal advice on International Divorce and Jurisdictional Issues, call Duncan Lewis Divorce Solicitors in confidence on 020 7923 4020.

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