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High Net Worth Agreements


Cohabitation Agreements


For the reason that unmarried couples have fewer legal rights than married couples, many may now be seeking a Cohabitation Agreement. Cohabiting couples may want an agreement before they move in together or if their circumstances are changing, for example if they are having children or getting a mortgage. An agreement can set out how they share finances while living together or what happens if one of them becomes ill, dies or they separate.


Separation Agreements


A Separation Agreement is a document you make when you want to cease living together, determining the arrangements you want to make for finances, children and property. You can have a Separation Agreement whether you are married or unmarried. If you are married, you might want to use a Separation Agreement to decide the terms of your separation before you finalise arrangements in a divorce. If you are cohabiting and unmarried, you might also find an agreement like this beneficial, since cohabiting partners are not protected by laws in the same way as married couples.


Pre-Nuptial Agreements


A Pre-Nuptial Agreement sets out the ownership of money, assets and property and what will happen to them in the event of a breakdown of the relationship. It is important to note that in England and Wales, they are not legally binding, and it key to consider the circumstances in which the Pre-Nuptial Agreement is produced and when. A Pre-Nuptial Agreement should be signed at least 21 days before the wedding, be justifiable and prepared by a family lawyer with both parties getting legal advice and providing full financial disclosure.


Post-Nuptial Agreements


A Postnuptial Agreement is a contract that is drawn up after marriage or a couple have formed a Civil Partnership. The Agreement affords details on how the couple’s assets and property would be divided in the event of the couple divorcing, separating or upon death.


We appreciate that the ending of any relationship is never stress-free, particularly when there are substantial assets involved. We pride ourselves on providing confidential and expert legal advice on High Net Worth Divorce, where there may be a complex financial relationship between the parties. However overwhelming it may seem, we are here to aid you from beginning to end, ensuring that the decisions you arrive at are the best ones for you.


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