Forced Marriage Solicitors

Forced Marriage Solicitors



Duncan Lewis family lawyers have a successful track record in helping victims of forced marriage escape domestic abuse – including help in obtaining an injunction and enabling victims of forced marriage to establish independent lives for themselves through support offered by charities and the government.


The Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year on 020 7275 2036, to help victims of forced marriage as soon as possible – call as soon as you become aware that you are at risk of entering a forced marriage or have become a victim of forced marriage.


What is a forced marriage?


In order for marriage to be legal, the parties must enter into it with free and full consent. When one or both parties to a marriage have been coerced into getting married against their will, they are victims of forced marriage. Equally, if one or both parties have a condition that prevents them from understanding what they are doing – such as a severe learning disability – they could also be considered to be a victim of forced marriage.


How Duncan Lewis domestic violence lawyers can help victims of forced marriage


If a forced marriage is due to take place or has already happened, Duncan Lewis can help in obtaining an injunction and emergency orders from the court to prevent the forced marriage or protect the victim. If you suspect or know that you are going to be forced into a marriage you do not want, contact the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline on 020 7275 2036 immediately. Duncan Lewis family solicitors will apply to the court for a Forced Marriage Civil Protection Order. This order will legally protect you from being forced into married. Anyone who breaches a Forced Marriage Civil Protection Order can be found guilty of a criminal offence.


Refugees and forced marriage


If you have arrived in the UK – legally or illegally – to escape a forced marriage, you may be granted refugee status or humanitarian protection. For more information about this, please read the Duncan Lewis Solicitors Asylum and Human Rights Information.

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