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International Divorce Financial Disputes

Duncan Lewis Divorce Solicitors – International Divorce Financial Disputes


International divorce can mean financial disputes if one partner applies for a divorce in a jurisdiction where the other party’s rights under divorce law are disadvantaged.


Deciding on issues such as maintenance, child support, sharing financial assets and property, and inheritance or pension rights can be extremely complex in international divorce and require the expertise of more than one legal expert.


The first country to receive divorce proceedings usually deals with the case – even if one party has a closer connection with another jurisdiction.


Because of this, it is important to decide where to file for divorce before your partner pre-empts any decision, as challenging where a divorce hearing take place involves costly court proceedings.


This applies even in EU member states under a law known as Brussells II.


Although both parties may be EU nationals, divorce law can vary enormously between European states and issuing proceedings before your partner can be extremely advantageous financially.


In the UK, more emphasis has been placed on mediation in divorce – however, international divorce financial disputes require expert knowledge of tax, pensions, property and inheritance laws across all jurisdictions, to ensure that one party does not lose out financially in a divorce settlement. Doing so may have serious effects on your family’s future security and the ability to provide for yourself and your children.


Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors have a successful track record in advising clients on international divorce and jurisdictional issues, including financial disputes and the enforcement of financial orders made in overseas courts.


In cases involving contested international divorce, Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors can also advise on alternatives to court action, including dispute resolution and lawyers supported family mediation.


Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors can also advise on international divorce and financial disputes under Islamic law.


Duncan Lewis Divorce Solicitors – Fixed Fees for International Divorce Financial Disputes


Duncan Lewis divorce solicitors offer an initial client meeting with a fixed fee for legal advice on international divorce involving financial disputes, including cases where there are jurisdictional issues.


Once the details of a case have been assessed it is usually possible to offer a further fixed fee scale, which clients will be advised of in advance.


Duncan Lewis advises clients considering ending an international marriage where there may be financial disputes to get in touch as soon as possible for an assessment of their case and an evaluation of which jurisdiction a divorce hearing should take place in. Taking legal advice early in divorce or separation can help focus on the practicalities at what is usually a very stressful and upsetting time.


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