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The Protection against Harassment Act 1997

The Protection against Harassment Act 1997

What is Harassment?

People who are abused by partners or loved one may be harassed by them as part of the domestic abuse – or after a relationship with a domestic abuser has ended.


However, in situations where people live close to each other – such as in neighbourhoods, in blocks of flats or student accommodation – or have contact with each other online, it is also possible to be abused by someone you might not know very well.


It is possible to be abused by someone you do not know, or even by a group of people that you have never met. The Protection Against Harassment Act 1997 provides protection for people suffering abuse or harassment from people they are not in any form of relationship with.


The definition of harassment is very broad and covers a wide range of behaviour. If someone is continually causing you alarm or distress through their actions, call Duncan Lewis Family Solicitors on 020 7923 4020 so that we can start applying to the court to introduce protection measures to stop the harassment.


Duncan Lewis Family Solicitors are qualified to deal with all form of harassment cases, regardless of the context in which they occur, including:


  • Cyber bullying/abuse – if someone is using the Internet – such as social media online – to cause another person alarm or distress, this constitutes harassment, and Duncan Lewis solicitors can make an application to the court for legal protection against online harassment.
  • Neighbour Harassment – an individual who causes a neighbour distress or alarm intentionally may be guilty of harassment – including verbal abuse, boundary disputes, unreasonable levels of noise or more dangerous activities like starting bonfires.
  • Stalking – often people do not know the person(s) stalking them – if you are being stalked call Duncan Lewis Family Solicitors immediately for help.


If you are being abused or harassed by someone who you do not know very well – or do not know at all –
Duncan Lewis solicitors can advise on Protection Against Harassment under the law.


Duncan Lewis family solicitors have a wealth of experience in protecting people in cases of harassment – we can apply to the courts on your behalf to secure a remedy and prevent all forms of harassment, so call Duncan Lewis on 020 7923 4020.

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