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The law of England and Wales concerning dowry disputes is still at an early stage. However, Duncan Lewis family solicitors have extensive experience helping women recover their dowries after their marriages have broken down. Disagreements concerning dowries sometimes become a form of abuse – by instructing Duncan Lewis solicitors as soon as possible, the situation can be dealt with before it escalates into domestic abuse.


In the courts in England and Wales, a married woman will be more likely to recover her dowry if she can prove that it did exist – and that her dowry is still in her husband’s possession. The courts will expect a married woman to provide a detailed itinerary of what items were included in the dowry – together with proof of their existence, ideally in the form of receipts. If you cannot provide receipts, other forms of proof such as video or photographs may be accepted in court.


Duncan Lewis family lawyers frequently deal with cases involving dowry disputes – and have expert knowledge of the law surrounding dowries. Women wishing to recover their dowries should contact Duncan Lewis family solicitors as soon as possible, as addressing the issues shortly after a marriage separation can help make recovering the dowry much simpler and quicker.


What remedies are available to me in recovering my dowry?


Once the court has accepted the existence of a dowry that has not been returned, it will have the power to issue a court order for its return. If the financial negotiations following your marriage separation have ended and you have still been unable to recover the property that formed the dowry, Duncan Lewis family lawyers may still be able to make an application to the court under the Married Women’s Property Act 1882 and restore the property in the dowry to you.


For more information on how Duncan Lewis family solicitors can help you with a dowry dispute, our online article about recovering a dowry sets out the key issues.

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