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Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
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Compensation Limits to rise in employment cases (27 March 2018)

It is never a good time to be made redundant or face the prospect of losing your job. However, the compensation that can be awarded in the event of a dismissal is reviewed annually by Parliament.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

What Happens if Death By Dangerous Cycling Becomes an Offence? (21 March 2018)

Recently it has been suggested that ministers are set to outline proposals which introduces a new criminal offence of death by dangerous cycling.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Housing Development Legal Loophole Exposed (21 March 2018)

Housing Secretary, Sajid Javid is facing increasing pressure to tighten planning laws after a legal loophole that housing developers have been exploiting throughout England is exposed in a report.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

When an Accident At Work Ends Your Career (21 March 2018)

Accidents at work are not uncommon, however there are few instances where an accident will be life-changing, completely altering the way you live. On these such occasions, the injury itself may be so debilitating as to stop you from returning to work. You may be left with a hefty care bill, and without reasonable prospect of returning to work.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Dangerous Driving: Vehicle Stopped for Driving Without a Wheel (21 March 2018)

Police have recently stopped a motorist for driving a car with its front tyre completely missing. The front panel on the driver’s side was also missing with what appeared to be leads trailing along the road.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

How Dash Cams Are Aiding Road Traffic Convictions (21 March 2018)

More and more drivers are relying on dash cams to quash road traffic charges, but what happens when they actually prove the offence? A recent case saw the first driver convicted of dangerous driving as a result of dash cam footage. The video recording revealed the driver undertaking a lorry before slamming on his brakes in a fit of road rage.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Knives & Offensive Weapons - New Sentencing Guidelines: A Sign of the Times (20 March 2018)

New guidelines relating to being in possession of either bladed articles and/or offensive weapons were published on Thursday 1st March 2018. These new guidelines are set to take effect from the 1st June 2018.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Social housing system in collapse – 1 in 5 homeless people are unable to move out of emergency housing (15 March 2018)

Since 2011, 700,000 households have been removed from waiting lists for social housing across England after the implementation of the Localism Act 2011, granting greater powers to councils enabling them to limit access to social housing.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Death by off road bikers – Teenagers as young as 14 are becoming dangers to society (15 March 2018)

14 year old boy arrested after causing death by dangerous driving and failing to stop while riding an illegal scrambler bike. The victim was named as 78 year old Ms Laidlaw, who was crossing the road at the time of the incident.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Court of Appeal upholds decision to stop life support of toddler (15 March 2018)

The Court of Appeal has ruled that doctors can withdraw life support from a 21 month old suffering from a degenerative neurological condition even though doctors have no definitive diagnosis.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Drink-driver pleads court to keep licence as her “drive-way is too long to walk” (14 March 2018)

Daughter of the late Coronation Street actor Percy Sugden has been charged with drink driving after taking her car to a local corner shop in an intoxicated state. During her recent trial at Stockport Magistrates' Court, she asked the court to allow her to keep her licence since her “drive-way is too long to walk”.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Man with brain injury caused by radiotherapy overdose awarded £7 million (14 March 2018)

As a treatment, radiotherapy is an extreme course of action used to treat cancer. In this case, a man diagnosed with a treatable brain tumour was given nearly double the recommended dose of radiotherapy leading to a life changing brain injury.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

DBS Checks: Can I Challenge My Record? (13 March 2018)

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is in charge of holding and maintaining records of all previous convictions. In some cases when an arrest was made, but the charge was dropped, it will show up on your record. In light of this, there are certain circumstances when you can challenge your record and have the conviction removed.  Read more...

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