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When an Accident At Work Ends Your Career (21 March 2018)

Date: 21/03/2018
Duncan Lewis, Legal News Solicitors, When an Accident At Work Ends Your Career

Accidents at work are not uncommon, however there are few instances where an accident will be life-changing, completely altering the way you live. On these such occasions, the injury itself may be so debilitating as to stop you from returning to work. You may be left with a hefty care bill, and without reasonable prospect of returning to work.

In these circumstances it is important to seek professional legal advice. You are entitled to make a special damages claim – which includes any past and future loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses, and past and future care costs.

The BBC has reported on a recent case where a man has been left unable to work as a result of an accident on location during the filming of Spectre. On 17 February 2015, Assistant Director Mr Madden was involved in a car accident. A Range Rover equipped with a remotely operated camera rig was filming an aeroplane flying over the valley in the Austrian Alps when the car skidded into Mr Madden, crushing his legs. Three years on, Mr Madden has yet to receive compensation, even though the insurers have admitted liability.

Mr Madden has limited mobility as a result of the accident and has been unable to work. On 13 February he lodged his claim for damages, asking for £2.5 million. Both Eon Productions and B24 have been listed as defendants. The case is on-going so the exact settlement is to be decided.

Mr Madden expressed his regret that the accident has ended his hard-won career.

“To have a career you worked hard over many years to build up, taken away within a few seconds in this horrendous accident, has been soul-destroying. It has limited my mobility greatly and I am unable to do things I once took for granted."

In most cases, a claim can be settled out of courts, with the insurer admitting liability and offering damages. If you wanted to challenge the amount proposed, there is a chance that your claim would go to court if compensation cannot be agreed.

Duncan Lewis Personal Injury Director, Julie Leslie, is well versed in negotiating settlements for accidents at work. She works with you and your family to negotiate a fair settlement to suit your needs, and can visit you at home should you be recovering from injuries sustained from a work place accident.

When a court hearing is necessary, as in this High Court case concerning Mr Madden’s injury on set, Julie has strong relationships with leading Barristers specialised in personal injury matters and can ensure the best representation for you.

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Duncan Lewis Personal Injury Solicitors have extensive experience representing clients who have sustained injuries as a result of accidents. Our no win no fee personal injury solicitors are proud of their reputation for being caring and considerate in their dealings with personal injury.

Personal injury claimants usually have three years from the date of the injury to issue a claim at court for road traffic accident compensation. Because of the limitation period for personal injury claims, it is important to seek legal advice from Duncan Lewis personal injury solicitors as soon as possible if you are injured in a road traffic accident.

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