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Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
Duncan Lewis:Legal News

The Government introduces new statement of changes to Immigration Rules (18 March 2019)

On 7 March 2019 the government issued a statement of changes to the Immigration Rules in a 296 page document. These changes take effect from 30 March 2019. If you require assistance with any issue arising as a result of the changes to the Immigration Rules, or another immigration matter, immigration director Tamana Aziz can assist.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Will Brexit Frustrate Your Lease? (15 March 2019)

The United Kingdom has long accommodated the headquarters of many companies, government agencies and organisations; in light of the bold Brexit vote, many now seek to relocate to EU states. The case of Canary Wharf (BP4) T1 Ltd v European Medicines Agency [2019] EWHC 335 (Ch) has dealt with the prominent issue of whether a lease can be frustrated as a result of Brexit.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Neighbour disputes: privacy law and nuisance claims (15 March 2019)

Following the recent ruling, denying the claimant residents of Neo Bankside that they had a legitimate nuisance claim against Tate Modern for breaching their right to privacy, Mr Justice Mann has stated that future claims of this type will have merit in some circumstances. So, if the owners of the floor-to-ceiling glass windowed flats claim did not succeed, then what will?  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

Everything you need to know about a Lasting Power of Attorney (11 March 2019)

As we age, the future of our mental capacity can become more and more uncertain and we may wonder whether we should appoint others to handle our matters on our behalf. Unfortunately, it is the case that many people become incapable of managing their affairs; hence, a document known as a Lasting Power of Attorney can be put into place.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

My company received a Home Office Civil Penalty - what can I do? (7 March 2019)

Recent statistics indicate that the Home Office is owed most of the fines it has issued to employers under the ‘Civil Penalty Scheme’, a mechanism which allows the imposition of penalties on employers to ensure that they are compliant, particularly by conducting the ‘Right to work checks’ in line with the Immigration Rules.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Legal News

What to do if your sponsorship licence is suspended or revoked (6 March 2019)

In the event that the Home Office considers that you are breaching your sponsorship duties and pose a threat to immigration control, you might be subject to a sponsorship licence suspension pending further investigation. It is important to know what to do in this circumstance, so read on to find out your rights following a suspension or revocation and what the process entails.   Read more...

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