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Trespass To Property

Trespass To Property/Goods By The Police


Police must have a warrant in order to gain entry into an occupancy, these include:


  • Home
  • Rented flat
  • Rented office space
  • Rented business space
  • Caravan
  • Vehicle


If the police have gained entry into any one of these forms of property owned or rented by yourself without authority, specifically a warrant or invitation, you are entitled to make a civil claim against them.


There are times when the police are lawfully allowed to enter and search premises without a warrant. These include:


  • deal with a breach of the peace or attempt to prevent it;
  • enforce an arrest warrant;
  • arrest a person in connection with an offence;
  • recapture someone who has escaped from custody;
  • save a life; or
  • prevent serious damage to property.


If you are unsure whether the police did enter your property for the purpose of one of the above warrant exempt occasions, it is important to seek legal advise to ascertain whether you are entitled to compensation.


Where the police have tricked you into inviting them in, it may not be as straight forward as in the case of forced entry, however, there may still be grounds to make a claim against them. It is important that you speak to Duncan Lewis Action Against Public Authorities solicitors as soon as possible so they can advise you whilst you are still able to make a claim. The time limit for complaints against the police for trespassing to property or goods is six years.


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