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Inquests Into Deaths In Police Custody Or During An Arrest


The Independent Office for Police Conduct (formerly known as the IPCC) will conduct a report should a person die in Police custody or, in extreme circumstance, during an arrest. They will send that report onto the Coroner who will use it to aid the inquest they carry out into the death itself. The types of deaths that may occur whilst in contact with the police are broken down into different categories:


  • Death in custody;
  • Death by shooting;
  • Death in a Response to Intervention(RTI); and
  • Death during pursuit.

It is significant that not all deaths which require a police inquest occur at a police station, they must occur when in contact with the police. It should also be noted that a self-inflicted death is not included in this sort of inquest. Should you require any further information on that sort of inquest, please follow this link .


If you have bereaved by the death of someone who was detained by the police, or died during an arrest, an inquest into their death, led by the IOPC is used to identify cause. It can be stressful when coping with the death of a loved one, making an inquest difficult to process.


Duncan Lewis’ Action Against Public Authorities solicitors are able to represent you during an inquest led by Independent Office for Police Conduct (formerly known as the IPCC) and support you through the process.


Should you wish to appeal the results of an inquest, instruct us to make the appeal on your behalf. If you have another complaint against the police which does not relate to an inquest, check out our Action Against Police page , where we detail all the different cases that you can bring against the police, from unlawful detention to malicious prosecution.


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