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Serious wrongdoing / misconduct

Duncan Lewis Litigation Solicitors – Serious wrongdoing / misconduct


Serious wrongdoing, misconduct or gross misconduct are grave allegations, whether in an employment context or in public office.


In some cases, allegations of serious wrongdoing, misconduct or gross misconduct can lead to disciplinary action, dismissal, or even criminal prosecution – and it is vital to seek expert legal help as soon as an allegation of serious wrongdoing or misconduct is made.


Such allegations can be made across any number of sectors – and Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors have access to in house experts able to advise on employment law, criminal law, business crime and fraud, white collar crime, property and housing law, healthcare and mental health law, immigration law and family law.


Duncan Lewis litigation lawyers are able to advise in cases of serious wrongdoing or misconduct involving police misconduct, serious wrongdoing in the financial sector (eg breach of fiduciary trust or fraud), misconduct in the care sectors – including cases involving whistleblowing – and allegations of misconduct in public office.


In cases where an individual or a company has suffered loss as a result of serious wrongdoing or misconduct which has been proved, it is likely that a claim for damages can be made against the person or organisation responsible for the loss, such as a bank, the police or a local authority.


In cases where an individual has been disciplined, dismissed or wrongly accused of serious wrongdoing or misconduct, it may also be possible to make a claim for damages.


Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors can advise at any stage of an allegation of serious wrongdoing or misconduct, including advising those who have suffered financial loss as a result of a proven case of serious wrong doing or misconduct.


Duncan Lewis can also advise those facing allegations of serious wrongdoing or misconduct on how to defend such allegations – including allegations relating to misconduct in public office and serious wrongdoing which might have led to the wrongful arrest or false imprisonment of an individual.


In cases of serious wrongdoing or misconduct relating to an employment matter, Duncan Lewis’ in house employment law experts can advise on disciplinary procedures or dismissal for allegation involving:

  • Being incapable of doing a job to the required standard
  • Being capable but unwilling to do a job properly
  • Misconduct or serious misconduct.

Duncan Lewis is also able to review cases involving allegations of serious wrongdoing and misconduct, including advising on tribunals, appeals, convictions and sentences.


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