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A claim for misrepresentation can be made if it can be proved that one party to a contract made a false statement which acted as an inducement to the other party to enter into a contract.


Recently, misrepresentation has formed the basis for claims involving the mis-selling of Personal Payment Protection (PPI) – but misrepresentation can apply to any type of contract in any area of the law, including commercial law where a business enters into a contract for supply of services or goods.


Misrepresentation in a contract is covered by the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

A false statement made to encourage a party to enter into a contract from which he or she suffers a loss can be made fraudulently (knowingly) or negligently (without having reasonable grounds to believe the statement is true). Misrepresentation can also involve a statement made innocently (believing it to be true).


Under the Act, defendants in misrepresentation claims have to prove they believed the statement which acted as an inducement to enter into a contract was true.


Claims for misrepresentation – whether a party is bringing a claim or defending a claim – require expert legal advice at an early stage.


Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors have considerable expertise in complex contract law cases – with in house experts able to advise on different areas of law, including commercial law, property law, employment law, family law, immigration law, mental health law, and personal injury/clinical negligence law.


Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors can advise on misrepresentation in any type of contract at any stage of a dispute – including advising on PPI claims and mis-selling of financial services, or misrepresentation in employment contracts, property contracts or leases, or in cases of professional negligence where misrepresentation has occurred.


Duncan Lewis litigation solicitors advise claimants or defendants in misrepresentation disputes to seek legal advice at an early stage, as such disputes can escalate and lead to costly litigation.


Duncan Lewis can also advise clients in misrepresentation claims on cost-effective solutions such as dispute resolution, if appropriate.


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