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Banking litigation can often involve disputing losses on a bank account as a result of banking fraud, including monies stolen from a bank account as a result of unauthorised payments, fraudulent cheques, cyber crime and banking scams.


Banks must put in place mechanisms to protect their customers against fraudulent activity on accounts – but when banking fraud occurs and a customer faces a loss, a bank may try to defend a claim for compensation or financial redress, leaving the customer out-of-pocket and sometimes in serious financial difficulty.


Customers who have fallen prey to banking scams can lose thousands of pounds – and in these cases, Duncan Lewis banking litigation solicitors can examine the fine detail of any banking agreement to establish liability for the loss and whether a claim for banking fraud can be made against a bank.


The main types of banking fraud Duncan Lewis can advise on include:

  • Account takeovers
  • Bank account fraud
  • Bank card fraud
  • Cheque fraud/Counterfeit cheque fraud
  • Cyber crime bank fraud
  • False accounting
  • Hacking
  • ID theft
  • Money laundering
  • Online bank fraud
  • Prime bank guarantee fraud (bogus investments, Ponzi schemes).

Whatever the circumstances of banking fraud, Duncan Lewis banking litigation solicitors can offer expert legal advice at any stage of a claim for banking fraud – including reviewing the terms of an agreement between a bank and the customer and taking swift action to protect a client’s interests and recover any monies due.


Banks may also erroneously allege a customer has committed banking fraud when loss occurs – and Duncan Lewis banking and fraud solicitors also have a wealth of experience in representing individuals, partnerships and companies who may have suffered loss as a result of banking fraud and/or may be facing allegations of banking fraud.


Duncan Lewis accepts claims for banking fraud on a no win no fee basis whenever possible – or otherwise offers fixed fee or competitively priced rates in banking litigation cases.


For expert legal advice on Banking Fraud Claims, call Duncan Lewis Banking Litigation Solicitors on 0333 772 0409.


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