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Parole Reviews for Recall

Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – Parole Reviews for Recall (either determinate or indeterminate IPP and lifers)


If an offender is returned to prison, hearings before the Parole Board allow prisoners to make representations which will help the Parole Board decide whether a prisoner should remain in jail, be released, or the case should be forwarded to an oral hearing.


Prisoners released automatically halfway through their sentence will have to adhere to conditions until the Sentence and Licence Expiry Date – SLED. Failure to do so means a prisoner may be recalled to appear before the Parole Board for a review of their parole.


When a prisoner is recalled, their licence is revoked – and prisoners may have to serve time in prison according to three types of recall:


  • Emergency recall – if a prisoner is considered at harm or immediate risk of re-offending
  • Fixed term recall – 28 days, excluding sentences for violent crime or sexual offences
  • Standard recall – for prisoners not eligible for fixed term recall, who may have to serve out their sentence or re-apply for Parole.


If police execute a warrant and arrest a prisoner on licence, it is vital for the prisoner to seek expert legal advice immediately.


A Parole Board is able to act in a number of ways at a review hearing – and having expert legal representation may mean the difference between serving out a sentence and being considered for re-release or a fixed term recall.


In some cases, the Parole Board may agree to release at a future date.


Duncan Lewis can make representations to the Parole Board at a review hearing in cases where the circumstances of recall might prohibit re-release immediately or in the near future – including presenting evidence of changes in behaviour and/or practical or life skills acquired while in prison.


Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors have considerable experience in representing clients facing recalls, including advising on:

  • Determinate IPP sentences
  • Indeterminate IPP sentences
  • Life sentences.


The Parole Board may decide to refer the recall review to an oral hearing – Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors have a successful track record in representing clients at oral hearings for Parole Reviews.


Duncan Lewis can also offer expert legal advice and representation for appeals.


Prisoners are eligible for Legal Aid to pay for legal advice on parole reviews for recall.


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