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Tretament Pathways and Advice on PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPES

Treatment pathways and advice regarding PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPES


Offenders in jail have the right to access NHS mental health services and receive managed care for any mental health condition they may have or develop while in prison.


Reception screening is used to assess the mental health of offenders when they enter prison, including assessing risks of self-harm in prisoners, depression, psychosis and personality disorders.


Prisoners may be classed as being low risk, medium risk or high risk – and will receive treatment accordingly, including crisis intervention, counselling, psychotherapy, nurse-led support or long-term care strategies and case management in high-risk cases, including medication.


Treatment pathways in prisons for offenders with PDs and DSPDs involve a range of NHS therapies, including cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotherapy and group therapies such as Therapeutic Communities (TCs).


TCs involved intensive group therapies, which help the patient with a mild to moderate PD explore what is means to have a PD and how it affects their lives and relationships with others.


Treatment pathways for personality disorders in prison may also involve Psychologically Informed Planned Environments – PIPEs – in which individual offenders or groups of offenders may take part in planned activities to help them develop and understand social and personal interactions with others and help manage their condition.


Therapies like TCs and PIPEs can help reduce psychological stress among prisoners, reduce the risk of offending – and help lower the risk of harm to others.


It is important that offenders with PDs or DSPDs receive the right treatment pathway in prison to help them achieve their goals according to the sentence plan – and reduce the risk of re-offending, self-harm, or harm to others.


Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors have extensive experience in helping offenders with PDs or DSPDs access services in prison that will help them achieve the signification progress and reduced risk needed for Parole Board Reviews.


Duncan Lewis also has one of the UK’s leading mental health law departments and our in-house experts can advise on offenders’ rights under the Mental Health Act and detention under the Mental Health Act, including advice on treatment reviews in prison.


Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – When to contact us


Call Duncan Lewis as soon as possible for legal advice on accessing services such as TCs, PIPEs or NHS services for PDs or DSPDs in prison – or any other prison law matter.


Duncan Lewis can advise from the initial stages of diagnosis of a PD or DSPD – or if a care plan does not appear to be meeting a prisoner’s needs or goals.


Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – How to contact us


There are Duncan Lewis offices nationwide – and our prison law solicitors regularly visit police stations, prisons and courts to advise on criminal law and prison law.


For expert legal advice on treatment pathways and legal advice on PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPEs, call Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors on 020 7923 4020.


For urgent prison law advice or 24/7 help at a police station, call the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline on 020 7275 2036.


Duncan Lewis Prison Law Solicitors – Private Client – Treatment Pathways and Legal Advice on PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPEs


Under reforms to Legal Aid, Duncan Lewis is no longer able to offer public funding for legal advice on treatment pathways and legal advice on PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPEs.


However, Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors are usually able to offer competitively priced fixed fees to our clients, with notice of legal costs in advance whenever possible.


To speak to one of our prison law experts about treatment pathways and legal advice on PDs, DSPDs, TCs and PIPEs, call Duncan Lewis prison law solicitors now on 020 7923 4020.

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