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Dermatitis Claims

Dermatitis Claims


Duncan Lewis Industrial Claims Solicitors – No win no fee Occupational Dermatitis Claims


Dermatitis occurs as a result of an allergic reaction to chemicals, solvents or substances used in industry.


Prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause dermatitis – or some workers may naturally have an allergy towards a chemical or substance, such as latex.


Employers have a duty to make sure workers do not suffer from conditions like dermatitis by carrying out risk assessments – and providing safety equipment or clothing to prevent contact with hazardous materials which may irritate or be absorbed by the skin.


Employers must also advise workers of the risks associated with contact with substances and chemicals in the workplace, which may cause allergic conditions such as dermatitis – and provide any health checks needed.


There are three types of dermatitis which industrial workers may develop as a result of contact with chemicals or other substances:


  • Allergic contact dermatitis – an allergy to a chemical or substance which results in a red, itchy rash after contact
  • Irritant contact dermatitis – inflammation of the skin or localised rash as a result of skin damage from chemicals, solvents, etc
  • Contact urticaria – hypersensitivity causing allergic reaction after touching a chemical, substance or allergen such as a plant. Skin develops weals and itchy red bumps or a raised rash and the reaction can be almost instantaneous.


Occupational dermatitis can be a progressive condition – and skin condition can deteriorate from a red rash to more serious problems, such as flaking, peeling skin, skin lesions and cracking, all of which may give rise to infection.


Occupational dermatitis can be difficult to deal with because workers may be continually exposed to the irritant which causes their dermatitis – and episodes of dermatitis can take weeks to heal.


Treatment for occupational dermatitis usually involves aqueous solution creams and topical corticosteroid creams – or antihistamine tablets to reduce the allergic reaction.


Duncan Lewis industrial claims solicitors can advise on how to make a no win no fee claim for occupational dermatitis if an employer has failed to protect a worker from exposure to chemicals or substances under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.


Making a Claim for Occupational Dermatitis


Workers who have been diagnosed with injuries as a result of developing occupational dermatitis have three years from the date of diagnosis in which to make a no win no fee industrial disease claim.


Duncan Lewis Industrial Claims Solicitors – No win no fee Occupational Dermatitis Compensation Claims


Duncan Lewis industrial claims solicitors are leading firm of no win no fee lawyers and can advise victims of industrial diseases and their families on how to make occupational dermatitis compensation claims.


Duncan Lewis industrial claims solicitors employ medical experts in industrial diseases if it is necessary to prove a link between a claimant having worked with chemicals or substances which caused an allergic reaction or skin damage and later being diagnosed with dermatitis.


Because of the limitation period for making claims for occupational dermatitis Duncan Lewis industrial claims solicitors advise claimants to get in touch as soon as possible after diagnosis to discuss making a compensation claim.


For expert legal advice on no win no fee Occupational dermatitis Compensation Claims call Duncan Lewis Industrial Claims Solicitors on 020 7923 4020.

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