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Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Claims

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Claims


Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors – No win no fee Ear, Nose & Throat Claims


“My ENT surgery left me with nerve damage and I lost my sense of smell.”


Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery can involve complex procedures – with risks that include paralysis of the facial nerve, nerve damage affecting sense of taste or smell and even hearing impairment.



Because of the complexities of ENT conditions, correct diagnosis and treatment is vital to a good patient outcome.

Conditions like cholesteatoma – an abnormal growth inside the ear – can cause symptoms like tinnitus, vertigo and even permanent hearing loss if not properly diagnosed.


In ENT surgery, monitoring the facial nerve – which spans the side of the face from neck to mouth in a fan or hand shape – is also crucial. Advances in technology have made monitoring nerves during ENT surgery much more accurate – but in some surgical procedures if there is nerve damage involving the facial nerve, this may cause permanent nerve damage and even facial paralysis or a drooping mouth.


In cases of ENT negligence, Duncan Lewis can advise patients on how to make no win no fee Ear, Nose and Throat Claims, including claims relating to:


  • Brain abscess or meningitis claims
  • Cholesteatoma claims
  • Deafness or hearing loss medical negligence claims
  • Delays in treating ENT conditions
  • Eardrum medical negligence injuries
  • Facial palsy
  • Failure to treat ENT conditions
  • Loss of sense of smell claims
  • Loss of sense of taste claims
  • Misdiagnosis of ENT conditions
  • Negligent ENT treatment (eg poor medical care)
  • Nerve damage
  • Tonsillectomy negligence
  • Vocal cord surgery errors (eg polyps removal)
  • Wrong medical treatment for ENT conditions.


Duncan Lewis can also advise on ENT tumour/cancer claims, ENT infection claims, ENT surgery claims and ENT nerve damage claims.


Making Ear, Nose and Throat Claims


ENT patients who have suffered further injury as a result of negligent ENT care have three years in which to make a no win no fee Ear, Nose and Throat Claim for compensation.


Children who have experienced negligent ENT treatment or poor ENT surgery can make a compensation claim up to the age of 21.


Because of the nature of ENT conditions – in which new symptoms can develop as a result of poor care – patients whose symptoms initially developed more than three years ago but who have gone on to have new symptoms as a result (eg hearing loss, loss of sense of smell, ENT cancers) may still be able to make a claim outside the three-year limitation period.


Duncan Lewis will be able to advise further on this possibility after assessing the details of your case.


Duncan Lewis Clinical negligence Solicitors – No win no fee Ear, Nose and Throat Claims


Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors are one of the UK’s leading no win no fee law firms and can advise both private patients and NHS patients who have suffered negligent ENT treatment on making a compensation claim.


Because of the limitation period for making Ear, Nose and Throat Claims, Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors advise ENT patients to get in touch as soon as a problem with their ENT treatment occurs.


Duncan Lewis medical negligence lawyers press for maximum compensation for Ear, Nose and Throat Claims – and our clinical negligence team can also offer advice on welfare benefits and agencies which can offer rehabilitation or disability support, in cases where hearing loss or sight impairment may have been the result of negligent ENT care.


For expert legal advice on no win no fee Ear, Nose and Throat Claims call Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors on 020 7923 4020.

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