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Cerebral Palsy Claims

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Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors – No win no fee Cerebral Palsy Claims


“Our baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth”


Cerebral palsy may be diagnosed in newborns or is sometimes not diagnosed for some months after birth – usually when baby does not reach a normal developmental stage.


Cerebral palsy is cause by a brain injury, which can occur in the womb or during delivery.


Oxygen deprivation is the most common cause of cerebral palsy – which can happen in the womb if a baby does not develop properly or if there is a problem with the umbilical cord.


Cerebral palsy may also be caused by prescribed drugs – or injury or trauma to the baby before birth, usually as a result of a fall or adverse event which deprives the baby of oxygen in the womb.


Delayed delivery in which a baby is deprived of oxygen before or during birth are is also a common cause of cerebral palsy.


Some babies may only be affected very mildly by symptoms of cerebral palsy – but in severe cases, a baby may have life-changing disabilities.


Sadly, a baby with cerebral palsy may have a shortened life expectancy.


Families can be devastated when a cerebral palsy diagnosis is made – and if injury to a baby during pregnancy or delivery was caused by negligent care, Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors offer expert advice on making no win no fee Cerebral Palsy Claims for compensation.


Making a Medical Negligence Cerebral Palsy Claim


Children and people with cerebral palsy often have complex care needs requiring a multi-agency approach, especially if there are severe physical disabilities which involve daily therapies and adaptations to the home.


Children with cerebral palsy may need special care to help them with daily tasks like eating, walking, moving and playing.


The costs involved in caring for a child with cerebral palsy can accumulate rapidly – which is why families should consider making a no win no fee Cerebral Palsy Claim as soon as possible after a diagnosis that may have been caused by negligent antenatal care or during birth.


Clinical negligent claimants usually have three years in which to claim compensation – but children can claim up to the age of 21.


Parents and guardians can also claim for a child with cerebral palsy by acting as the child’s Litigation Friend – your Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitor will explain fully how to do this and will support you through the entire process.


The Duncan Lewis clinical negligence team can also advise on issues like therapy – and can put families in touch with agencies which can help with home adaptations.


Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors – No win no fee Cerebral Palsy Claims


Duncan Lewis is one of the UK’s leading no win no fee law firms, with a successful track record in winning compensation for families affected by cerebral palsy.


Because of the limitation period for making clinical negligence claims, Duncan Lewis advises families to get in touch about making a cerebral palsy compensation claim as soon as possible after a diagnosis is made.


Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors always fight for maximum compensation for cerebral palsy claimants – and will press for interim compensation payments to make sure your baby and family has the care and support needed as soon as possible.


For expert legal advice on no win no fee Cerebral Palsy Claims, call Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors on 020 7923 4020.

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