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General Surgery

General Surgery


Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors – No win no fee General Surgery Negligence Claims


“I went in for general surgery and had the wrong operation.”


General surgery covers a wide range of surgical procedures involving the abdominal area, including vascular, endocrine, oncological and gastrointestinal surgery and operations on the oesophagus, liver, gallbladder, colon and other organs.


Much of general surgery is elective surgery – when a patient has a condition requiring surgery and an operation date is booked in advance. General surgeons are also trained to cope with a wide range of emergency procedures within their specialty – and there is also a wide range of sub-specialties within general surgery.


A general surgeon may therefore have at least one special interest such as colorectal surgery, endocrine surgery (pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands), or kidney and liver transplants.


When patients are given a date in advance for general surgery, they assume that everything will be pre-planned and go smoothly. Sadly, however, even with elective operations, things can go wrong.


When there is a serious failing in a general surgical procedure which causes a patient to suffer further injury, Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors can advise general surgery patients on how to make a no win no fee claim for compensation – including claims relating to:


  • Anaesthetic errors and mistakes
  • Drug and medication errors
  • Errors in pre-operative patient evaluation (eg failing to take accurate medical record)
  • Failings in monitoring patient during surgery (eg not checking oxygen levels or blood pressure)
  • Hospital-acquired infections or wound infection
  • Gastrointestinal perforation
  • Radiology negligence (eg failing to take or interpret correctly X-rays and scans)
  • Surgical errors and negligence (eg wrong operation carried out, incompetent surgery, surgical instruments left inside patient)
  • Poor post-operative care (eg DVT/bedsores, negligent care, hospital hygiene issues, injury from falls in hospital)
  • Wrong medical diagnosis.


Making a Claim for General Surgery Negligence


When a patient has suffered injury as a result of negligence in general surgery a no win no fee compensation claim can be made for up to three years from the date of injury or diagnosis of injury.


No win no fee general surgery negligence claims involving children can be made up to the age of 21.


If the procedure was carried out as an emergency and something went wrong, Duncan Lewis can advise on issues such as whether there was patient consent involved in the procedure; as well as issues in elective surgery such as whether pre-operative evaluations and post-operative care were contributory factors to any injury that occurred during general surgery.


Duncan Lewis Clinical Negligence Solicitors – No win no fee General Surgery Negligence Claims


Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors are one of the UK’s leading no win no fee law firms – and can advise both NHS patients and private patients on how to make a no win no fee claim for general surgery compensation.



In cases in which a loved one has lost their life or suffered catastrophic injury (eg life changing injuries such as brain injury) as a result of general surgery negligence, Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors advise bereaved families on how to make a no win no fee Fatal Injuries Claim for compensation.


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