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Refugee Week 2017 - ‘A Prison For My Heart’: A Gay Man’s Testimony of Detention (23 June 2017)

Umar* first came out in a detention centre, to a male immigration officer. ‘He wore a suit and had a badge. I didn’t like that I had to speak to him about my sexuality. I felt scared because I didn’t know if what I said would be kept a secret. But I had no choice, I had to tell him. I was very nervous as this was the first time I had told anyone that I was gay.’  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Campaign

Refugee Week 2017 - ‘Cooperate Or Die’: An Afghan Interpreter’s Story of Survival (22 June 2017)

When Mohammad received a call from the Taliban one calm spring afternoon in 2013, his life was turned upside down. They told him they knew he was an interpreter for ISAF, the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, and that he should either cooperate with them by passing over information about the military outpost in which he was based (in hilly Paktika Province, southeast Afghanistan) or they would kill him and his family  Read more...

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Refugee Week 2017 - The Punishment Room: An Asylum-Seeker’s Experience of Isolation in Detention (21 June 2017)

Pamela* had just had a shower and was still in her underwear, having applied moisturiser, when the immigration officers came into her room to remove her from the UK. She refused to be taken to the airport, as she still had an outstanding application for leave to remain in the UK, so the officers tried to remove her by force  Read more...

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Refugee Week 2017 - Standing Up: The Story of One Man’s Fearless Commitment to Democracy (20 June 2017)

For most of us, commitment to democracy means casting a vote. For Tahidul Hossain, it means standing up to a military regime, being shot at by police at demonstrations, being beaten, detained and tortured, and being forced to leave home  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Campaign

Refugee Week 2017 - Speaking Truth to Power: A Journalist’s Refusal to Be Silenced (19 June 2017)

Joseph* had never before seen a dead body when, as a teenager, he saw his father’s decapitated corpse strewn amongst others on the street, a victim of intertribal violence. He can still remember the smell of blood, metallic and sweet in the close tropical air  Read more...

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