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Estate Administration (Probate / Intestacy)

Estate Administration (Probate / Intestacy)


In October 2014, the rules on the administration of a will changed and it is essential to obtain expert legal advice on dealing with a will as soon as possible.


In cases where no will has been made or a will cannot be found, usually the family member closest to the deceased applies to the Probate Office for Letters of Administration – once these have been granted, the family member can then act as administrator.


Duncan Lewis can advise at an early stage of the process, to identify which family member should act as administrator – including advising on the process of administration and whether any extended family or partners who were not married to the deceased might be entitled to share the estate.


The process of administering an estate can be highly complex, however – from identifying family members who may be entitled to share the estate, to making sure that debts are paid, inheritance tax is paid, if applicable – and monies and property are shared out correctly between family members.


In cases where a family member has died intestate – without making a will – or if no will can be found, it may be necessary to calculate which family members are entitled to a share of the estate.


Part of the job of administering an estate also includes making sure the value of the estate is calculated properly – including the value of any property, goods, monies and investments. Again, this can be a complex and time-consuming process.


Duncan Lewis Probate Solicitors – Estate Administration (probate or intestacy)


Duncan Lewis probate solicitors can advise on the administration of an estate – including assisting with tracing family members who may be entitled to share the estate and making sure that the value of the estate is calculated accurately.


Our specialist probate solicitors can also oversee the payment of monies and division of property among family members, ensuring that any Inheritance Tax due is paid – and the whole process runs smoothly and as quickly as possible.


Duncan Lewis probate solicitors can advise at any stage of administration, so there is no need to struggle with the worry of estate administration or intestacy without help.


Duncan Lewis offers competitively-priced probate services – and offers fixed fees for probate services whenever possible.


Making an error when administering an estate can lead to delays, family friction and even legal action.


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