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Cash and Asset Forfeiture and Cash Seizure

Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors – Cash and Asset Forfeiture/Cash Seizure


Under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), the police have the power to seizure cash or assets, which they believe have been acquired through criminal activity – and then apply to the court to forfeit the monies or assets.


This can be an extremely distressing experience for individuals, families or businesses whose money or valuables are removed from their property or premises without warning.


Large sums or valuable goods might be seized in a police raid – which can be a terrifying experience.


Savings or emergency cash or valuable items might simply be removed from a property, leaving the innocent party or company bewildered as to why this has happened.


The police can instigate cash and asset forfeiture if they believe they are the proceeds of crime or may be used to fund crime.


However, tucking money and valuables under the floorboards – or keeping large amounts of cash in a company safe – does not necessarily mean that the monies or items are suspicious, even if an individual, family or company is under investigation by the police, HMRC, Serious Fraud Office or other investigating authority.


It is vital to contact Duncan Lewis criminal solicitors immediately if police have seized cash or assets from a property, home or business and have applied to the Court for forfeiture.


Once police seize monies and assets or valuables, the defendant may be obliged to prove where they were obtained in order for the Court to return them.


Duncan Lewis crime lawyers have extensive expertise in defending cash and asset forfeiture – and can help establish a record for the Court of where monies and valuables originated, so that they can be returned to the rightful owner(s).


Duncan Lewis can also advise at any stage of a criminal charge or investigation in which cash and assets have been seized with a view to forfeiture.


Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors – Our reputation for excellence


The Duncan Lewis Crime Department is ranked in Legal 500 2014 for its General Crime and White Collar Fraud Work.


Duncan Lewis criminal solicitors have acknowledged expertise in case building based on a sound knowledge of the criminal justice system – and a successful track record in defending individuals, families and companies in cases involving cash and asset forfeiture and cash seizure.


Duncan Lewis represents clients at Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal – and has highly experienced Higher Court Advocates with a background in conducting serious fraud cases.


Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors – How to contact us


There are Duncan Lewis offices nationwide in England and Wales – and a criminal defence solicitor from Duncan Lewis can usually reach a client at a police station or court within 45 minutes.


We aim for the best possible outcome for clients facing cash and asset forfeiture – call Duncan Lewis motoring offence solicitors 020 7923 4020 for expert legal advice on police cash and asset forfeiture and cash seizure.


For 24/7 help at a police station, call the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline on 020 7275 2036.


Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors – When to contact us


Duncan Lewis advises clients who are facing cash and asset forfeiture and cash seizure proceedings to contact us as soon as possible.


If police have entered a home or property or business premises and removed cash or other assets with a view to forfeiture, call the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline immediately.


Duncan Lewis criminal solicitors can advise even before a criminal charge is brought – as well as advising on cash and asset forfeiture and cash seizure and getting rightfully held assets returned.


Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors– Legal Aid & Private Client – Cash and Asset Forfeiture and Cash Seizure


Duncan Lewis criminal solicitors are a leading provider of Legal Aid criminal defence services.


However, Legal Aid is means tested and may only be available in certain circumstances – Duncan Lewis can advise further on Legal Aid at the initial client meeting.


In cases where a client may not be eligible for Legal Aid, Duncan Lewis criminal solicitors offer competitively-priced fee levels for private client representation – with fixed fees and advance notice of any costs whenever possible.


In some cases, after the event insurance may also be a funding option.


Call Duncan Lewis Criminal Solicitors to discuss Cash and Asset Forfeiture and Cash Seizure on 020 7923 4020.

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