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Judicial Review


Date when Video was Published: 01/07/2017

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Prison should be about making amends for past actions and looking forwards to being rehabilitated and contributing to the community. It must never be about subjecting prisoners to inhumane or degrading treatment.


Nelson Mandela said that you can tell the substance of a society not by looking at how we treat the richest people but by looking at how we treat the poorest in the prisons. At Duncan Lewis, we work hard to protect the human rights of all prisoners and they serve their time with dignity and their humanity intact.


We carry out Judicial Review and Human Rights cases for all kinds of human rights abuses in prisons. We are currently looking at issues regarding long term segregation and keeping prisoners in cells for up to 23 hours a day, issues surrounding disabled prisoners and ensuring they can access basis facilities like healthcare, helping prisoners with long term sentences to access rehabilitation courses so they can progress, problems with parole and many more issues.


We have a dedicated ‘actions against police’ department which investigates assaults against prisoners either by other prisoners or sometime by prison officers.


Prison is a hard time for serving prisoners and their families. We understand that many prisoners are extremely vulnerable maybe due to a mental health problem or a physical disability or maybe due to an addiction they are struggling to deal with.


We are happy to push the boundaries of human rights law and regularly take  Judicial Review actions to the Royal Courts of Justice on new points of law.


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