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Establishing A Business In The UK

Date when Video was Published: 05/10/2023

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Setting up a business in the UK There are various routes available for overseas entrepreneurs to establish a business in the UK depending on the individual’s circumstances and their business plans. The good news is that most routes do not require a minimum investment to be made in order to be eligible. The most common route to establish or invest in a business in the UK is under the Skilled Worker sponsorship route. You would need to ensure initially that the company has been established and is operating in the UK usually with the assistance of a UK based director. The company would then need to obtain a sponsorship licence in order to sponsor your employment in the UK. This is often referred to as the ‘self-sponsorship’ route. Another possible option is under the Expansion Worker route, this is similar to the skilled worker route, however there is no requirement for your business in the UK to have started trading or have a UK based director. This category permits an overseas company to apply to expand their presence in the UK by applying for a sponsorship licence for a UK branch or subsidiary. Once the licence has been approved it is then possible to apply for an Expansion Worker visa for an individual to then enter the UK for the purposes of establishing a trading presence here. It is important to note that an Expansion Worker visa is valid for a maximum of two years after which the individual would need to switch into another category if they wish to remain in the UK. The Innovator Founder route is an option for individual’s seeking to establish a start up in the UK or more experienced businessman. The business must be a new business and one that has a unique or original idea from anything else on the market. This is assessed by an Endorsing Body on whether the business meets the key criteria of being innovative, viable and scalable. This category does potentially offer a route to settlement after three years, subject to meeting all the criteria. The Global Talent route permits individuals to work or engine in self-employment if they can establish that are leaders or a potential leader within the fields of academia or research, arts & culture and digital technology. Your background, achievements and references from experts within your sector, will initially need to be assessed by an endorsing body. If an endorsement us approved you can work and live in the UK for up to five years and may be eligible to qualify for indefinite leave to remain after three years, depending on the field and category you were awarded the endorsement. There a number number of options for establishing a business in the UK as an overseas national and each has its own advantages and disadvantages . We can assist you with our expertise to ensure that you can make an informed decision and the right one to meet all of your businesses needs in the UK. Call our team of specialists immigration solicitors today for an initial conversation on 033 3772 0409, or e-mail us at businessimmigration@duncanlewis.com
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