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Employment Articles

Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
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Does my employer need to give me a written contract - and if not what terms apply? (29 November 2011)

A contract between an employer and an employee always exists, even if it has not been committed to paper. Your employer’s agreement to take you on and pay you, in some form, along with your own agreement to work for that employer, constitutes in itself a contract. What the employer must do, by law, is to provide you, as an employee, with a written statement within two months of the date when you started working for him or her and this has to include a number of certain terms and conditions.  Read more...

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What is whistleblowing? (28 November 2011)

If you suspect that there is wrongdoing or malpractice occurring at your place of work you can ‘blow the whistle’ and expose it. This, of course, might make you an object of victimisation by your employer and will probably lose you your job, but legislation is in place to prevent this from happening. Whistleblowing is encouraged for the public good and employees are frequently lauded for speaking out against malpractices that their employers or other personnel would prefer to keep hidden.   Read more...

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Changes coming into effect in April 2011 (11 April 2011)

The month of April is extremely important, not just for Company’s and their usual end of year matters, but also for Employment Practitioners. This is the month where the Government brings into force proposed changes to Employment Law.

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Lewd comment did not justify Dismissal (11 April 2011)

In one of the more amusing Judgments released this year, the Court of Appeal confirmed that a Tribunal did not make an error of law when it considered that an employer overreacted to a lewd comment made by an employee.

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Government Proposals to Cut Legal Aid (7 February 2011)

In November 2010, the coalition government released a Green Paper proposing wholesale changes to the future of Legal Aid. This has devastating consequences for those seeking Employment Advice.  Read more...

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Proposals for Reform to the Employment Tribunal System (7 February 2011)

Everyone is aware that over the last few weeks the Government has proposed reform to the Employment Tribunal System with the view that this will remove a barrier for growth in the labour market. But is this the way round it?  Read more...

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