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Mahtab Aziz

Mahtab Aziz , Duncan Lewis , Crime Freelance Solicitor , Dalston


Profile / Experience

Mahtab specialises in Criminal litigation. Mahtab was a Legal Services Commission approved Crime Supervisor for over 10 years. He has acted as a Specialist Crime Consultant dealing with serious criminal cases for various firms. He is highly regarded for his expertise on the Proceeds of Crime Act and confiscation proceedings. He has appeared as a guest speaker on several satellite TV channels and radio stations discussing criminal justice, Road Traffic Law and other legal issues.

Mahtab started his legal career in general litigation and at an early stage in 1999 established his excellent litigation skills by having a case which he conducted reported in the press when he was able to totally discredit police evidence against his client which alleged that his client had been travelling at 90 miles an hour down the Bow flyover in East London. He was able to show using his skilful advocacy that this would not have been possible given the shape of the road in question thus preventing his client from being banned from driving.

In 2014 in a remarkable result Mahtab presented a case himself before the court of Appeal Criminal Division before Lord Justice Elias wherein he succeeded in his legal argument against a decision on a point of law against a Crown Court Judge who was also a highly respected legal authority and an Editor of ‘Archbold’. Mahtab has appeared as an expert on a panel as well as in relation to his matters for a number of different TV Channels, including the BBC, Prime TV and Channel S TV. He has worked with the most reputable QC’s and Junior Counsel from the top band of barristers chambers in England as listed in “Chambers and Partners” and “The Legal 500”.

Mahtab has been involved in a number of high civil profile matters concerning national and internationally known figures. For example, he acted for Imran Khan (the ex-cricketer turned politician) in his widely reported defamation claim against the Sunday Times, and advised him in his private prosecution against the Leader of a Pakistani Political Party. He has advised the well known Asian hip-hop music artist, ‘Mumzy’ and other internationally known singers such as Attaullah Khan Niazi and Rafaqat Ali Khan (nephew of the late great Qawali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan).

Mahtabe acted for the Ex-2 time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Herbie Hide when he was the subject of the Sun on Sunday's Fake Sheikh 'sting'. He advised Tony Rooke the Director when he was prosecuted by the BBC. He has worked in conjunction with the human rights organization ‘Reprieve’ which deals with cases of British nationals facing the death sentence abroad.

Mahtab is the Legal Counsel on International Law and Human Rights for the Institute of Islamic Strategic and Socio-political Affairs based in London. Mahtab has excellent oral skills having successfully represented clients at Courts for over 15 years. Both lawyers and clients have noted that his drafting is particularly of a high quality and this is borne out by the many successful outcomes that have resulted due to his written representations, for example in abuse of process applications, applications to the CPS with respect to prosecutions that are not in the public interest.

LSC Contracts Managers have consistently commented on the high quality of his letter drafting one comment stating that his drafting was the best he had ever seen in an audit. He has his own large following of clients and due to his excellent reputation within the legal profession he has been instructed from as far afield as Newcastle, Durham, Bristol, Southampton and Birmingham He is well known in the local East London community, where he has lived for over forty years. He is active in human rights organizations’ and appears regularly on TV to discuss human rights issues.


Mahtab gained his A levels from Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green, Essex and graduated with a BA(Hons) in Law and English Literature from the University of North London. He went on to pass the Law Society Finals at the College of Law.


Mahtab speaks Urdu, Punjabi and basic Arabic.


Mahtab is interested in politics, current affairs and reading and human rights. He is a martial arts and boxing trainer and encourages youths to take up sports.

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