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Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
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The Criminal Justice System and Mental Health Issues (13 April 2012)

A real case study

The defence of insanity is one which is rarely touched by Defence lawyers; it is raised in under one percent of criminal trials in the United Kingdom and only a quarter of those raised succeed. If a defendant has been charged with a criminal offence and there is any suspicion that that person is either currently suffering with mental health illness or was suffering from mental health illness at the time of the alleged offences; then there is a potential defence of insanity arising. The burden of proof is reversed onto the defence when insanity is raised. If the defence is successful at trial; the Jury must provide a special verdict of ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’.  Read more...

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What is White collar fraud? (26 March 2012)

Light-fingered staff in the workplace was at one time the main culprit, when it came to complaints businesses made about pens and A4 paper going missing. In recent years, thanks to the great advances in technology, theft in the workplace has reached new and unprecedented heights of sophistication and is proving positively catastrophic for many companies, especially those involved in the financial sector.  Read more...

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What is Money Laundering? (20 March 2012)

The idea behind money laundering is that criminals can effectively disguise the origins of the money they steal in one way or another. The criminal group generates an illegal profit and it is essential for their unhindered enjoyment of that profit that its origins be disguised in some way.  Read more...

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What is Bigamy? (15 March 2012)

In countries where monogamy is the normal practice, such as in the UK, bigamy involves entering into a marriage arrangement with someone whilst still being legally married to someone else, and is considered a criminal act. If a bigamous marriage was entered into abroad, under some circumstances it may be recognised in the UK for legal purposes.   Read more...

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Can I appeal a sentence of imprisonment? (30 January 2012)

Defendants convicted of any kind of sentence, including a custodial sentence, have the right to appeal against the decision. If a prisoner is convicted at the Crown Court, for example, they may launch an appeal against the sentence at the Court of Appeal, and they do this by completing form NG to the Crown Court concerned within a period of not more than 28 days.   Read more...

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There is an offence commonly referred to as a “S5 Public Order” as it relates to the section number of the 1986 Act from which it is derived. The offence is committed when a person uses threatening abusive or insulting words or behaviour. The normal protocol for a police officer when he hears such words, would be to warn the person regarding their behaviour and if repeated, this often leads to an arrest.   Read more...

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