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Clinical Negligence Articles

Duncan Lewis Solicitors does not have direct involvement in the cases and events covered in these articles. These are articles that exist in the public domain and are used by Duncan Lewis purely for informative purpose.
Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Girl with Cerebral Palsy Awarded £15 million in Damages (19 July 2018)

A girl who was deprived of oxygen for 35 minutes prior to her birth, leaving her with cerebral palsy has been awarded more than £15m in damages from the NHS.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

NHS 70th Anniversary Report: An Institution of Strengths and Weaknesses (5 July 2018)

The NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary today, 5th July 2018, with many people looking at the longevity of the institution, asking what it is that the NHS does well and what it may be falling behind in compared to other nations’ health services.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Capita Outsourcing: Patients at Risk of Harm (21 June 2018)

In a bid to save money and relieve pressure on NHS resources, NHS England signed a 7 year agreement with Capita in 2015 to take on administrative back-office duties on behalf of primary care providers including GP practices, dental surgeries and pharmacies. So far the move has saved more than £60 million, but at what cost to public safety?  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

10 year breast cancer screening error set to cost millions (15 June 2018)

For a 10 year period, more than 450,000 women failed to receive their final screening invitation, which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt states could have resulted in 270 deaths.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

NHS quarterly figures reveal increase in waiting times for patients (7 June 2018)

The quarterly figures are in and they show the extent of the NHS’s struggle to meet demand with more than 2,600 patients having waited more than a year for treatment, almost double the previous year’s results.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Supreme Court to hear controversial A&E reception case (7 June 2018)

The Supreme Court to hear a case which previously split the Court of Appeal as it was felt to have serious implications for Clinical Negligence law.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

NHS England’s poor partnership with Capita may have put patients at risk (31 May 2018)

Patients may have been put at risk as a result of NHS services in England being outsourced to Capita according to the National Audit Office (NAO) the public spending watchdog.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Language Barrier: Sri Lankan Couple win Clinical Negligence Claim (30 May 2018)

A Sri Lankan mother gave birth to her son who subsequently suffered severe brain damage as a result of the midwives negligence. She brought a claim against Barking, Havering & Redbridge NHS Foundation Trust and has successfully been awarded damages.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Care Quality Commission reveals failings by Private Hospitals (30 May 2018)

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has been prompted by recent figures released by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to call out Private Hospitals for failing to meet the approved standard of care. He warns that if hospitals do not make improvements to their quality of care, they will be issued with government imposed sanctions.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

NHS Treatment Causing Cancer (16 May 2018)

A public inquiry into the biggest treatment scandal in NHS history was created after patients were found to be infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated blood products.   Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Sepsis: When Delayed Diagnosis Causes Life-Changing Consequences (19 April 2018)

Sepsis is blood poisoning due to the body’s reaction to an infection, which can be fatal if not treated. Time after time, people have found themselves in desperate situations when sepsis has been left too long, leaving their lives changed.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

A&E - How long do I have to wait? I’m going home. (18 April 2018)

A lesson learnt following the Court of Appeal decision of Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2017] - think twice before walking out of A&E after being told the waiting time to be seen by a doctor.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Man with brain injury caused by radiotherapy overdose awarded £7 million (14 March 2018)

As a treatment, radiotherapy is an extreme course of action used to treat cancer. In this case, a man diagnosed with a treatable brain tumour was given nearly double the recommended dose of radiotherapy leading to a life changing brain injury.  Read more...

Duncan Lewis:Clinical Negligence

Claimants in two decades old clinical negligence claims are seeing a rise in compensation (15 February 2018)

Claimants who have instructed clinical negligence solicitors to bring claims for medical mistakes which took place before 1995 are seeing a rise in compensation from the NHS trust for the first time in five years.  Read more...

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