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Rented Accommodation in Disrepair

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If you are living in rented accommodation that is falling into seriously disrepair, it is likely that your landlord is failing to carry out the necessary maintenance on the property. Living in severely damaged property can affect your health and legal remedies are available to you. Our housing law team deals with all types of disrepair matters and may be able to help you. This includes the following;


  1. Pest or vermin infestations
  2. Faulty drainage or sewage systems
  3. Insufficient access to water
  4. Serious leaks
  5. Defective roofing
  6. Defective brickwork


All tenants have a contract with the landlord. The landlord will always have certain duties to the tenant under the contract. To find out whether the landlord has breached their duty by failing to repair the problem you will need to speak to a specialist housing solicitor to discuss the matter further we advise clients on whether the landlord’s obligations are and if the property is fit for purpose, most importantly if they have disrepair claim.


We also assist clients if the property they are living in is in such poor condition that they are considered homeless, you may be able to claim compensation for damages caused to your home by the landlords failure to rectify the faults, the courts may be able to order the landlord’s to repair the damage at their own costs.


It is the role of our housing law team to explore ways of maximising compensation for all clients if they are successful in their case by gathering as much evidence as possible to support their claim for disrepair as well as assisting clients to resolve their issues for help and assistance upon any housing matter, call our specialist team of solicitors on 0333 7720 409.

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